Eliov (pronounced el-wov) is the language of the Elovisian people. Related to Vozandi due to its speakers' connection to the Old Voxelian people, Eliov shares many of the phonological features of that language, though Eliov has a sharper, more guttural intonation. Many of the voiced consonants of Vozandi become unvoiced (i.e. 'z' becomes short 's') or can be either voiced or unvoiced in Eliov (i.e. 'v' and 'f' coexist). Eliov features many open vowels; this is a legacy of the Elovisian exile out of Medial A cube, as, now beyond the earshot of Old Voxelian headhunters, the Elovisians were free to use their booming voices to communicate over longer distances. In Eliov, consonants are spoken more forcefully when one is dealing with an unpleasant topic. An 'Elovisian accent' is often caricatured by foreign speakers by putting more forceful breaths into otherwise normal statements.
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