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The Elovisian people are a human ethnic group that diverged from the Old Voxelian ethnic group around the year 6400, when the former was exiled from the Medial A cube by the latter during the Old Voxelian Conquest.


Shared customary codes and values

Because the tribes exiled from Medial A were forced to work together despite their previous differences, these early Elovisians placed a strong value of overt fairness, equality, and remaining true to established agreements. These values continue to influence Elovisian politics and were especially important in the founding ethos of the Commonwealth of C, influencing the formation of the Commonwealth Constitution.

Average technological level

The dryness of their newly adopted homeland of Medial C forced the Elovisians to improve their agricultural techniques, while an abundance of readily-available iron ores (especially in the lands now controlled by the Free Faces League) allowed them to hone their smelting and metalworking techniques. Later expeditions from Voxelia exposed the Elovisian peoples, then already beginning the process of separating along lines of political ideology, to subsequent Voxelian technological advancements. As a result of this repeated connection and, later, warfare and espionage with one another, the Elovisian and Voxelian peoples share a similar level of technological advancement as of the year 10,000 AR

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