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Free Faces League

The Free Faces league is a relatively new nation, having broken away from Voxelia near the end of the reign of emperors. Over the course of centuries, the ruggedly individualistic descendants of explorers who make up the League have forged a republic out of fiercely loyal union of cities mostly concentrated in Medial C.

Demography and Population

The Free Faces League is mostly human, being %54 New Voxelian and 30% Elovisian in ethnic makeup. The League's friendly relations with the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy has led to a significant (~5%) population of rostrans integrated into League society, with around 11% of the population having at least some Rostran ancestry. The relative dryness of the Medial C cube makes the region uncomfortable for would-be verdial immigrants.


The Free Faces League securely occupies Medial C1, C4, C5, with small holdings on B2, E2, and H2. Medial B2 is the most contested area of League settlements, as Voxelia holds Medial B4 and would like to reintegrate the "lost expeditions" still eking out an agrarian existence on Medial B1, B3, B5, and B6 before the League can persuade them away. The resulting territorial conflict has resulted in the ongoing War of Reunification between the two factions as they vie for control of these Medial B farmlands, with psychological, political, guerilla, and proxy warfare tactics being employed.


All citizens of the league must complete two to four years of military service upon reaching the age of majority. Once two years of service are completed, the citizen is eligible to vote in League Senate elections and carry firearms in public as a civilian; to the League, an unarmed man is a naked man. Citizens may also volunteer for an extended term of military service as a professional soldier, with long and honorable service leading to promotion through the ranks of the League Army.   The League Army is the second most technologically advanced military force in the Manifold, with access to airships, auto-armor, aircraft, and armored vehicles. Dieseltech was a Voxelian invention, but auto-armor was a League invention. While slightly outshone in military size and technological prowess by the older Grand Army of Voxelia, the League makes up for this shortcoming with patriotism, fighting spirit, and total war doctrine that makes their territory extremely difficult to hold onto.

Technological Level

The League possesses a similar, if slightly lower, tech level to that of Voxelia, with dieseltech integrated into the everyday lives of Leaguesmen and Leagueswomen.

Foreign Relations

The Free Faces League is part of the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies, alongside Craterhold and the Commonwealth of C. The nation is generally opposed to Voxelia in international affairs and is uneasy with the Manifold Conservation Society due to its connection to the aforementioned nation.

Agriculture & Industry

The League possesses a significantly larger auto-armor production capacity than Voxelia, as well as a slight advantage in terms of producing lifting envelopes for airships due to the local leather industry. Mines in Medial C churn out a prodigious quantity of valuable metals, leading some areas of the cube to be entirely undermined with labyrinths of excavation tunnels.


Voxelia possesses more institutions of higher learning and a greater capacity for industrial espionage than the League, making the League a destination for educated professionals rather than any particularly prodigious source for them. What the League lacks in universities it makes up for in practical experience, trade schools, and apprenticeships funded by the mines and factories themselves. A Navigator's Guild guildhall located in Triple Mesa provides navigators from the League with education, resources, and assignments.


The major cities of the League possess all the amenities of modern life, with road and rail networks connecting all the major population centers, but much of the League's territory remains only accessible by minimally maintained pavement, packed dirt roads, or personal aircraft. Uniquely, however, the League frequently re-purposes particularly large mine networks into emergency bunkers and hubs for mass transit systems, making famine, drought, and sieges more bearable. The Liberty Leyline provides prodigious peak power during the seasonal particle radiation maximums in the Northern and Southern Tesseracts.

Forged By Pioneering Hands

Geopolitical, Republic
Alternative Names
The League
Leaguesman or Leagueswoman
Head of Government
Government System
Democracy, Representative
Power Structure
Economic System
Market economy
The official coin of the realm is the League shilling, an inch-round bronze coin backed by League electrum bars in the League treasury. The League's wealth derives in large part from metals extracted from the especially rugged terrain of their home faces, and treasury notes are sometimes issued for trade purposes when carry weight is a concern (i.e. airship travel).

Major Exports
The League exports metals mined from it's mineral-rich home cube, with iron, copper, silver, and gold being the major products of League mines, as well as appliances and auto-armor manufactured in part with these materials.

Major Imports
While the League does have a native agricultural industry, imported fish, textiles, and spices from the Rostral Tesseract represent lucrative business opportunities for Rostran tradesmen.

Legislative Body
The League Senate is a true representative democracy, with each city within the League electing three senators who serve for up to three terms of four years each. The senators gather in the capitol at Triple Mesa under heavy fortifications to conduct the business of the state, including writing laws, appointing diplomats, and directing the military. Decisions must be made based on a plurality of the Senator's votes; if there is a tie, or consensus cannot be reached on a matter within ten days, the issue is put before a council of 21 randomly-selected citizens whose majority vote acts as three tiebreaker votes.

Official State Religion
Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities


Craterhold, as another breakaway state, has a mutually beneficial relationship with the Free Faces League, with each faction covering the flanks of the other with military assets.

Trade Partnership

The Rostran Archipelago Confederacy and Free Faces League share a lax trade policy and a cultural ethos of independent exploration.


While the Free Faces League and the Commonwealth of C are nearly diametrically opposed in terms of economic system and certain political ideals, the two breakaway states have a shared interest in resisting reconquest by Voxelia.

Business Relationship


The Manifold Conservation Society and Free Faces League have diametrically opposed political ideologies, with the League regarding the Conservatorship as a highly illiberal nanny state, while the Conservatorship sees the League as an uneducated relic of an expansionist past which is doomed to cause the apocalypse through their warmongering. Nevertheless, neither nation has an appetite for direct confrontation, though elements of the League have pushed for humanitarian intervention in Conservatorship affairs in recent history.


While the Avarix Corps is non-partisan in it's pillaging - unless hired by a state actor, of course - the fact that the covert trade route between the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy and Free Faces League territories passes through Corps hunting grounds (Medial C to East A, East A to East B, East B to Rostral A, Rostral A to Rostral C), means that the League and the Corps get into conflicts quite often.

War (low-intensity)

Voxelia regards the Free Faces League as "breakaway states" or "lost expeditionary colonies," desiring to reintegrate them into the kingdoms of Voxelia. The Free Faces League regards Voxelia as too authoritarian, too deceitful, and too obsessed with image and spectacle. Both factions contest valuable agricultural land in Medial B.


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