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Coalition of Breakaway Colonies

The Coalition of Breakaway Colonies (CBC) is a defense alliance consisting of the Free Faces League, Commonwealth of C, and Craterhold. Founded in 9905 with the First Treaty of Vivaldi Peak, the Coalition promotes military cooperation between member states in the struggle against ever-encroaching Voxelian hegemony and aggression during the War of Reunification.  

National Roles

Within the Coalition, while each nation is expected to fight the Grand Army of Voxelia in their own right, each faction has certain unique benefits which it brings to the table.

Free Faces League

Free Faces League Standard by BCGR_Wurth
The Free Faces League has extensive mining interests, animal agriculture, and heavy industrial facilities for the construction of auto-armor. As the largest member of the Coalition, the League provides much of the material support for the campaign against the Voxelians as well as vast amounts of heavy weaponry, armor, artillery, and air assets on the front lines.

Commonwealth of C

Commonwealth of C.png
Commonwealth of C Flag by BCGR_Wurth
The Commonwealth of C, while small, has the most advanced and extensive dieseltech computer, autonet, and RadNet infrastructure of all Coalition members, with sites like Register serving as testbeds for top secret information technologies. Combining technological advancement with efficient government, the Commonwealth provides strategic guidance, military intelligence, and logistical management to the Coalition. Commonwealth units are small but extremely efficient and well-coordinated across all theatres; Commonwealth special forces are held in high regard.


Craterhold Unity Flag by BCGR_Wurth
While not as well-trained or efficient as other factions, the armed forces of Craterhold make up for their shortfalls with patriotic zeal, home-grown survival skill, and sheer population. Craterhold industries provide much of the hazardous manufacturing and trade income of the Coalition, while their military units make up the bulk of light infantry and reserve garrisons in Coalition territories. Craterhold troops currently have the highest level of combat veterancy against Voxelian forces due to the latter nation's intense antipathy towards the former as holders of a conflicting political and cultural outlook in addition to geopolitcal emnities.


The Coalition of Breakaway Colonies is divided in to Economic, Political, and Military Spheres, with each Sphere being managed by a council of economists, diplomates, and generals drawn in equal numbers from each member nation. Each Sphere council, in turn, elects a chairman for a term of one year to break ties, set schedules, and table policy proposals for discussion and ratification by the other members.

Economic Sphere

The Economic Sphere council coordinates trade deals, both among Coalition members and between Coalition members and outside factions. While each nation is free to pursue economic policies which benefit it, the Economic Sphere serves as an important check against shortages, price gouging, industrial espionage, economic sabotage, and war profiteering by unaligned factions. Because it is not a political faction per se, the Economic Sphere directly coordinates with the Navigator's Guild to ensure uninterrupted service into, within, and out of Coalition territory.   The current chair of the Economic Sphere council is a Commonwealth representative.
DEL Brand Logo by BCGR_Wurth
A logo for Data Engines Limited, an important contractor connected to the Economic Sphere.

Political Sphere

The Political Sphere council helps maintain diplomatic ties between Coalition members, coordinates counter-intelligence efforts, roots out and stifles political intrigue, and vetts possible diplomatic relations with external nations. The Political Sphere also handles propaganda campaigns both within and outside of the Coalition territories. When the War of Reunification concludes, the Political Sphere council will be the group responsible for negotiating ceasefires, peace treaties, or terms of surrender.   The current chair of the Political Sphere council is a Commonwealth representative.
Parasol Private Holdings Emblem by BCGR_Wurth
A logo for Parasol Private Holdings, an important contractor connected to the Political Sphere.

Military Sphere

The Military Sphere council coordinates military actions across all theatres of the War of Reunification. The Military Sphere is responsible for ensuring that troops, equipment, and supplies continue to flow to the front lines. Within the Coalition territories, the Military Sphere is also responsible for raising soldiers from the population, establishing homeland defenses, and maintaining fighting sentiment. After the Second Treaty of Vivaldi Peak, the Political Sphere can call upon the Military Sphere to resolve 'stochastic events' which represent an existential threat to the Coalition (mainly 125 Hands activities).   The current chair of the Military Sphere council is a Leauge representative.
League Dieseltech Armory by BCGR_Wurth
A logo for the League Dieseltech Armory, an important contractor connected to the Military sphere.


The Coalition was founded in 9905 in response to escalating diplomatic tensions between Voxelia and the nations which would eventually become members of the Coalition.   The Coalition member states share both ancient and recent history with Voxelia; the Elovisian peoples were completely cast out of Medial A cube by the old Voxelian Empire in 6117 AC. Later, around the year 7000 AX, Voxelian explorers traveled to Medial C cube, established colonies, and encountered the remnants of these tribes. As travel was slow during the 7th millenium, these colonists soon found themselves more closely aligned with their Elovisian hosts than their original New Voxelian progenitors.   This divergent cultural evolution did not, however, release the colonists from their obligations to the Voxelian crown and tax collectors, though edicts as such became increasingly infeasable to enforce at such ranges. Being under the yoke of a distant power rankled the colonists, who, by the waning years of the 9th millenium, were ready to fight for independence. Voxelia, unwilling to give up its territorial claims within the Human Arc and facing resource shortfalls in the face of a booming population, was willing to fight to keep control of the colonies regardless of the distances. The advent of the diesel engine - and, with it, fast ground and air travel - made a mechanized conflict between the two groups inevitable.   It was in response to the War of Reunification that the colonists formed the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies with the First Treaty of Vivaldi Peak in 9905. In the intervening years, the Treaty has undergone at least one major iteration (with the Second Treaty of Vivaldi Peak in 9976), and the Coalition signed a Pan-Coalition Extradition Treaty to go with it in 9987. While Voxelia is the largest and most powerful Human nation in the world of the Manifold Sky - as well as a real contender for the most powerful nation overall, regardless of race - the Coalition has managed to fight the Grand Army of Voxelia to a stand-still time and time again. Nevertheless, it remains unclear as of the year 10,000 AR if, when, or how the century-long War of Reunification will come to a close.
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The Manifold At A Glance
This is a generalized map of the Manifold Sky, with cubes and tesseracts shown based on their relative connections to one another. Tesseract labels are based on Navigator's Guild nomenclature. Cube topology and geopolitical boundaries are excluded. Additional layers show various points of interest and the comfortable habitatats of the various sentient species within the Manifold. Note that the compass rose shows the progression of day and night through the tesseracts, as well as the relative position of magnetic north (green arrow).

Articles under Coalition of Breakaway Colonies

Cover image: by Rod Long
Character flag image: Coalition Insignia by BCGR_wurth
  • 6117

    The Kings of the Medial A Human Tribes Consolidate Power, Creating Voxelia
    Political event

    The leaders of the tribal bands of Medial A divvy up the land amongst themselves, push rival tribes into extinction or out of the cube, and elect the first Emperor of Voxelia. This marks the founding of Voxelia as an organized state while also creating the impetus for the first organized expeditionary missions to adjacent cubes.

  • 7000

    Colony Sites in Medial C are Reached, Voxelian Political Reach is Overextended
    Population Migration / Travel

    Voxelian colonies are established in Medial C, taking in the small groups of humans there who were outcast during the Emperor's consolidation of power. Voxelia becomes aware that these colonies have been founded successfully and continues to send tax collectors, but at this time, technology will not allow enough force projection to enforce these claims against the colonies if the issue is pressed. While the colonies remain loyal at this time, interbreeding with the tribes and extreme distance from the Voxelian cultural center sow the seeds of rebellion in these far-flung colonies.

    Triple Mesa
    More reading
    Free Faces League
  • 9899

    The War of Reunification Unofficially Begins
    Military action

    The Free Faces League and their allies in the Commonwealth of C and Craterhold issue declarations of independence to their previous Voxelian lords. Over the next decade, diplomatic ties deteriorate, with skirmishes over the intervening lands in adjacent cubes gradually building into full-blown military confrontations.

    Medial Tesseract
    More reading
    War of Reunification
  • 9905

    4 /4

    First Treaty of Vivaldi Peak is Signed

    The First Treaty of Vivaldi Peak is signed by diplomatic representatives of the Leauge Senate, the Commonwealth Parliament, and the major houses of the city of Craterhold. The First Treaty establishes that the signatory nations are to serve the cause of common defense against their shared enemy in Voxelia and serves as the founding document for the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies. From 9905 on, Iksunten 4th is celebrated as Breakaway Day in the nations of the Coalition.

  • 9910

    Voxelian Bards-Recursant in Vivaldi Peak Orchestrate the First Ring0 Attack
    Technological achievement

    Vivaldi Peak
    More reading
  • 9951



    Battle of White Skull Lake
    Military: Battle
  • 9965

    Ratification of the Medial B Accords
    Diplomatic action
  • 9970

    23 /2

    Siege of Tartagloam
    Military action

    The city of Tartagloam is besieged, and eventually destroyed, by Voxelian forces. Civil order breaks down and never fully returns. An industrial accident caused by airship bombardment leaves tens of thousands of nearby citizens polymerized by toxic chemical vapors, leading to Tartagloam's nickname as the 'City of Mannequins'.

  • 9975


    125 Hands Agents Perform Systems Intrusions on Commonwealth of C Autonets
    Criminal Activity

    Over the course of two years, 125 Hands Phalanges break into various Commonwealth of C government records facilities and perform systems intrusions to destroy public information about their founding members. The operation ends when Data Engines Limited maintenance personnel discover inconsistencies in the records and institute more stringent anti-intrusion measures on the government autonets.

    Vivaldi Peak
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    Data Engines Limited
    Additional timelines
  • 9975

    14 /3

    13 /4

    125 Hands Propaganda Provokes the Craterhold Uprising
    Criminal Activity

    Additional timelines
  • 9976

    Second Treaty of Vivaldi Peak is Signed
    Diplomatic action

    The race riots in Craterhold required military intervention from the other members of the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies to resolve, as letting the city fall would have opened the 'rear' flank of the Coalition to Voxelian attack. For this reason, the Second Treaty of Vivaldi Peak codified how, and under what circumstances, member states are able to deploy resources to resolve intra-Coalition issues which affect the defense of the alliance as a whole.

  • 9980


    12 /8

    The Charred Chard Murders
    Criminal Activity

    More reading
    Gordon Druce
  • 9987


    Pan-Coalition Extradition Treaty is Signed
    Diplomatic action

    In response to international outcry surrounding the Charred Chard Murders, the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies drafts the Pan-Coalition Extradition Treaty to improve intra-Coalition cooperation on criminal affairs. Despite the name, various neutral factions (including the Burning Hearts Social Club) also voluntarily agree to abide by its terms. As a side affect, the Treaty also establishes a legal framework for international bounty-hunting activities.


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