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New Voxelian

The New Voxelians are a major ethnic group amongst humans in the Medial Tesseract, with most (but not all) concentrated in the nation of the same name.


Historical figures

While generally reviled by modern Voxelians - and only marginally popular in his own time - Emperor Martram I was a pivotal figure in the formation of a unified Voxelian culture, as his reign over the seven major and numerous minor kingdoms of the imperial-era Voxelian state unified the populace in their hatred of him and support for what would become the Council of Liars. This marked the separation of New and Old Voxelian cultures; before the dissolution of the empire, citizens of Voxelia considered themselves more citizens of the various kingdoms and tribes, and Old Voxelian culture lacked the modern New Voxelian dramatic flourishes.

Articles under New Voxelian

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