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Hive City Royals

The Hive City Royals are a mercenary crew operating out of Hive City, a town in Voxelia renowned for its apicultural (beekeeping) traditions. With an eye towards culture, honor, and style, the Royals favor security, bodyguard, and support roles, especially those involving interaction with the public.   The Royals' flamboyant nature is a mixed blessing. The prominent display of the crew's red and gold colors in dress uniforms, emblems, auto-armor surcoats, and banners advertises the crew's presence - for better or for worse. As much of the Royal's strategy involves force of presence, the crew does not offer mercenary services which require stealth or subterfuge.


The Hive City Royals field small units of auto-armor pilots, each of which is equipped with a JH-AA "Lance" Heavy Jackhammer, ballistic shield, and MH-2 "Monarch" Mellification Cannon. These units typically have one or two armed mechanics attached to them for support purposes. The home base of the Hive City Royals is a partially converted apiary complex in HIve City, with active honeybee hives producing fresh ammunition and serving as ad-hoc antipersonnel defense for the base.

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