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Commonwealth of C

The Commonwealth of C (also known as the Commonwealth) is a social democratic society located predominantly in Medial C. The nation is a member state of the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies and, thus, currently at war with Voxelia.

Demography and Population

The Commonwealth of C is overwhelmingly Elovisian (70%) and New Voxelian (26%) in origin, having largely descended from Voxelian explorers and the various tribes expelled by the then-nascent Voxelia from Medial A during the Old Voxelian Conquest. The remaining population of the Commonwealth are Rostran and verdial expatriates.   The Commonwealth of C enjoys a very low degree of income inequality, with very few members of Commonwealth society living below the poverty line. The Commonwealth uses a food dole and numerous public works projects to keep it's citizens from fully falling into poverty, while strong union protections, common ownership laws, and occupational safety regulations keep citizens happy and healthy in their work. Unfortunately, this mixed economic system also requires a vast and burdensome tax code and an impersonal bureaucratic oversight that inhibits economic growth, meaning that the Commonwealth of C falls somewhat behind the Free Faces League in terms of average income, gross domestic product, and trade volume.


The Commonwealth's borders lie primarily within Medial C3 and C6, with offshoot settlements on Medial F2 and G2.


The Commonwealth of C imposes a two-year term of public service on all citizens above the age of majority, with service in the Commonwealth Regular Forces (CRF) being one option as such. Once a recruit has completed their set term, they may re-enlist and become eligible for rank advancement upon further training or combat veterancy.   The CRF, while not being as expansive as the Grand Army of Voxelia or the League Army, features the best leadership training and strategic analysis capabilities of any faction in the Manifold. During times of war, the Commonwealth of C is not afraid to turn the considerable computing power it uses for it's bureaucracy to the task of analyzing enemy forces, projecting the outcomes of military strategies, and maintaining rigorous control over the CRF's logistics. While the Commonwealth might not have much in terms of force projection, when they do strike out at an enemy, they know exactly how, when, and where to do it.

Foreign Relations

As a break-away state from Voxelia, the Commonwealth of C finds a degree of common ground on the geopolitical stage with the Free Faces League and Craterhold, though they are directly ideologically opposed to the free-wheeling individualism of the League and abhor Craterhold's apparent lack of focus in terms of legal doctrine.  

Agriculture & Industry

The Commonwealth of C supports it's population on a grain-based agricultural industry, with wheat, barley, and flax being common crops. Smaller beef, lamb, dairy, and vineyard industries also supplement the Commonwealth diet. The relatively dry climate of the Medial C cube layer means that water rights have to be closely managed in the Commonwealth's breadbasket. Whenever Commonwealth Kin farmers have a surplus, they typically preserve it via salting (using imported sea salt from the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy) or fermentation to help prevent famine in leaner periods; as a result, alcoholism is a growing problem in the Commonwealth.


The Commonwealth of C provides all levels of education to it's citizens as a public service, though some non-state schools do exist for rare niche specializations or for private hire. Commonwealth Kin are typically educated and well-read, as their byzantine legal code makes reading comprehension a necessity for conducting business in a timely fashion.


The Commonwealth of C possesses a well-maintained infrastructure network, including roads, railroads, airship ports, and power and water public utilities. The Free Faces League has provided technical assistance in regards to air and rail transport as a means of cementing good border relations between themselves and the Commonwealth.

For the Commonwealth, Unified

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
Commonwealth Kin
Head of Government
Government System
Democracy, Parliamentary
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
The Commonwealth Credit is a monetary instrument that takes the form of a pale indigo, linen bank note stamped with dark blue-green patterns to indicate denomination. Certain basic-quality goods (food, water, medicine) are provided free of charge to impoverished citizens via a voucher system.

Major Exports
The Commonwealth of C is a major exporter of linen, linseed oil, cheese, beer, and wine, with the Cyranno Unified Vintners 9985 vintage being considered by many critics to be the best wine of the previous century.

Major Imports
The Commonwealth of C exists in an arid environment, making seafood and algal biodiesel important imports due to limited local supply. The nation also imports large amounts of metal from the Free Faces League and Eiquereus Craglands mines to produce finish mechanical goods, especially dieseltech and electromechanical computers.

Legislative Body
The Commonwealth Parliament is a democratically-elected body that writes laws and performs administrative functions for the Commonwealth of C. Every major settlement in Commonwealth territory may elect a parliamentarian to represent their interests, whereupon this individual serves an unlimited term until replaced by a more popular candidate. Elections take place every five years.   The Commonwealth Parliament can be considered a hybrid government, combining traditional parliamentary procedure and (uniquely in the Manifold) extensive machine-driven governance. The constitution of the Commonwealth mandates rigorously-defined legal codes with clear, objective measures of efficacy; this was initially to prevent disagreements over simple facts of law, but now serves the dual purpose of permitting some of the law to be interpreted as programming to arrive at "mechanically just" decisions. In the home offices of each parliamentarian are banks of dieseltech computers, along with secretaries, legal scholars, and programmers from the Commmonwealth Parliamentary Cabinet (see Judicial Body for details) who work tirelessly to convert various public data, such as censuses, budgets, and polls, into forms that can be fed to the computers.

Judicial Body
The Commonwealth Parliament appoints members to the the Commonwealth Parliamentary Cabinet (CPC), a civil service bureaucracy that tends to the implementation of the Parliament's decisions. Specific CPC functions include control of law enforcement forces, social benefits disbursement, record-keeping, and more. While members of the CPC answer directly to the parliamentarian who appointed them, they are also required to use the output of their computers to arrive at decisions which best support the implementation of the laws of the land over any personal allegiance they might hold. To the Commonwealth, the law must be impartial - with regards to citizens - at all costs.

Subsidiary Organizations
Official Languages
Controlled Territories
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

Business Relationship


Craterhold and the Commonwealth of C are united by a shared desire to remain independant from Voxelian hegemony, but Craterhold also serves as an extra-territorial playground for Commonwealth corporations which would otherwise be stifled by Commonwealth health and safety regulations. While this arrangement is very profitable to all parties involved, Commonwealth regulators privately regard the lack of concern with human life it evinces with growing concern.

Defense Contract


While the Free Faces League and the Commonwealth of C are nearly diametrically opposed in terms of economic system and certain political ideals, the two breakaway states have a shared interest in resisting reconquest by Voxelia.


The Manifold Conservation Society and the Commonwealth of C share a similar love of collectivist policy, though they share no territorial boundaries to facilitate easy trade.

Business Relationship


While the Rostran Archipelago Confederation and Commonwealth of C share tentative trade agreements and diplomatic ties through a shared friendship with the Free Faces League, the RAC generally views the Commonwealth's way of governance as too collectivist, too rigid - and, therefore, too prone to foreign exploitation to fully trust. The physical distance between the two powers makes further approach between the two powers difficult, especially if the RAC wishes to maintain it's trade agreements with Voxelia - a facet of RAC diplomacy that sparks accusations of war profiteering from Commonwealth politicians from time to time.


While Voxelia and the Commonwealth of C are not diametrically opposed in terms of ideology, the two nations do compete for agricultural land in Medial F and G cubes. Furthermore, Voxelia cannot allow the Commonwealth to remain free due to the latter's status as a breakaway expeditionary colony. Nevertheless, Voxelia would prefer to reintegrate the Commonwealth into it's own society rather than destroy it outright.


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