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Miss Manifold Competition

The Miss Manifold Competition is a yearly beauty contest held in the Commonwealth of C wherein women from across the world of the Manifold Sky are rated based on their feminine qualities and personal achievements. The Miss Manifold Competition is notable in that every woman, regardless of species, ethnicity, or nationality is welcome to participate - despite the fact that the The Human Arc has been in a state of warfare for the competition's entire existence.


The Miss Manifold Competition started in the year 9950 - the most recent event marked the 50th anniversary of the competition. Ms. Julia Fields of the Free Faces League was the most recent Miss Manifold, with Hana Leverae taking the runner-up spot.   The Miss Manifold Competition is often regarded as the most progressive beauty competition in the Manifold, with previous winners including Rostrans , Verdials, and even at least one Baxbr Ovinex. The competition maintains an open invitation for any female citizen of Voxelia to participate as well, but the wartime footing of that nation has thus far prevented many Voxelian entrants from attending in person.


Contestants gather each year in Vivaldi Peak to participate in the competition. Providing secure travel for the contestants and in-person spectators for this one event nets Navigator's Guild navigators a sizeable amount of capital each year and serves as a right of passage for novice Guild members operating out of the Commonwealth.   Each contestant is judged on a variety of criteria by a panel of assorted judges. Five of the judges are chosen from notable members of fashion, arts, personal fitness, and other aesthetic fields. The Miss Manifold Competition is notable for its use of telephonic popular opinion polls to provide the equivalent of three judges' votes; the competition runners employ the RadNet to convey information about the contestants and gather votes from remote corners of the Manifold. True to form for Commonwealth-administered events, the rigorous criteria for personal achievement points are judged in part by a dieseltech computer 'judge.' Lastly, the final vote is cast by a mechanical random number generator, providing a degree of impartiality to appearances.


The Miss Manifold Competition happens annually on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of Absunten.
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Julia Fields by Artbreeder
Ms. Julia Fields (Free Faces League) - Miss Manifold Winner, Year 10,000  
Hana Leverae by Artbreeder
Ms. Hana Leverae (Commonwealth of C) - Miss Manifold Runner-Up, Year 10,000

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