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The Baxbr subculture, named for Ambra Baxbr, is a cosmopolitan subculture within Civil ovinex society defined by its intellectual pursuits, its efforts to integrate into High Rostran society to improve their general perception of Ovinex, and its emphasis on personal hygiene and appearance.


Shared customary codes and values

Baxbr culture is as much an intellectual movement as it is an aesthetic movement. Baxbr ovinex are cosmopolitan, literate, and fashionable. Baxbr ovinex reject violence; to resort to force, in the Baxbr perspective, is to show that one has failed to escape one's "animal mind." Baxbr ovinex seek to show the humanoids of the Manifold, especially their Rostran fellows, that the ovinex are not brutish, violent slavers and raiders that they once were - and, therefore, they deserve respect as fellow sentient beings.

Common Etiquette rules

Much of the social etiquette between Baxbr ovinex relates to their food habits, as these ovinex recognize that most humanoids cannot help but see distressing parallels between ovinex feeding habits and those of non-sentient ruminants. While ovinex are descended from ruminants and possess several stomachs, they are omnivores, and Baxbr ovinex use this dietary versatility to explore flavors most Native ovinex never do; a Baxbr ovinex will always accept an unusual food with gratitude, and will later seek to return the favor. Unlike most ovinex, Baxbr ovinex are often soft-spoken, reducing emphasis on the consonants in their language to avoid blasting others with the 'characteristic' smell of ovinex breath.   While every Baxbr ovinex is expected to know his or her own limitations and work around them, avoiding false bravado when possible, it is considered highly rude in Baxbr culture to infantilize ovinex (of any cultural background) or treat them as lesser beings. Compliments on a Baxbr ovinex's appearance (i.e. "You're so cute!") are the exception to this rule.

Common Dress code

Baxbr ovinex typically dress in the High Rostran fashion, though some items of clothing must be adapted to the unique ovinex body. As the Baxbr subculture is cosmopolitan in nature, many Baxbr ovinex also adopt imported clothing styles, especially the latest trends from Silkenvault intellectual circles. Baxbr textiles are much more finely woven than those of their Native or Civil Ovinex compatriots, as some members of the subculture have acquired dieseltech computerized power looms to produce custom apparel.

Historical figures

While the cultural currents of what would eventually become the Baxbr subculture were present in Civil ovinex society for nearly half a century, Ambra Baxbr formalized the tenets of the subculture in her 9990 anthopological treatise Rams and Ewes Anew.


Beauty Ideals

Baxbr culture places strong emphasis on personal appearance and hygiene. Baxbr ovinex often shear their wool down to a manageable length, bathe frequently, occasionally employ scented soaps or wool conditioners, and apply polishing salves to render their horns, hooves, and finger keratin glossy and dark. Baxbr are considered attractive within the subculture if they can maintain a healthy physique, have a carefully-groomed coat, and eschew the obvious scarring that most ovinex accumulate over the course of their lifetime. The ideal Baxbr ovinex has an expressive face (for an ovinex) and probing eyes that display a secret wisdom.
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