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Civil Ovinex

The Civil Ovinex culture exists as a result of the new-found symbiosis between the Ovinex and Rostran species created after the Rostran-Ovinex War ended. Civil Ovinex, unlike the Native Ovinex from which they originated, are educated (within limits), well-groomed, and integrated into High Rostran society.


Relationship Ideals

High Rostran culture incorporates the so-called Civil Ovinex culture into itself. Civil Ovinex are often adoptive members of High Ovinex families, receiving education (as appropriate for the somewhat limited Ovinex cognitive set), job training, and the necessities of life from the family in exchange for physical protection or assistance in the family's business endeavors. While outsiders may look at this relationship as one of masters and slaves, neither High Rostrans nor Civil Ovinex generally perceive it as such, as the Civil Ovinex are free to live as they see fit within the same legal system as their High Rostran hosts. Nevertheless, the sense that being brought into the culture of their traditional enemies is demeaning does eventually drive some Civil Ovinex to return to Native Ovinex lands and ways.
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