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Twilight Legion

The Twilight Legion is a loose coalition of pirate, mercenary, separatist, and criminal factions that lays siege to the settlements of larger factions weakened in the aftermath of the Pale Hands Crisis. United only by a rapacious, opportunistic attitude - or, for some, a desire to inflict revenge on the 'civilized' world for daring to fight back in the past - the Twilight Legion's wave of violence cements the role of other mercenary crews - such as Parasol Private Holdings, Otoi Security Enterprises, CCH, the Hive City Royals, and the Warrenside Rangers - as agents of the states where indigenous defense forces cannot quickly be marshalled.


The Twilight Legion can be thought of as an alliance of organized criminal enterprises. It is distinguished from other such organized crime syndicates - such as the Verdant Order or Otaseunake adKorkra - by its international scope, multiethnic composition, and ability to wield military force on par with a small nation-state if left unchecked. Members of the Twilight Legion typically retain ties to whatever organization they belonged to before the Legion and, for those like the 125 Hands that were devastated in the aftermath of the Pale Hands Crisis, the Legion may offer the only means by which such organizations retain a presence in the Manifold.


The Twilight Legion started with no holdings as of the year 9,990 AR, existing mostly as an extension of the Avarix Corps that was more welcoming of outsiders than the rest of that organization. Over time, stolen arms, auto-armor, and aircraft began to accumulate under the organization's auspices in hideouts scattered across the Rostral and Eastern Tesseracts where even the adventuresome locals dared not tread. Like the Leather Jacket Nomads, strongholds in hidden and difficult to access locations serve as waystations where representatives of the various member organizations can meet, plan, and gather resources for future raiding activies.   Cast-offs, experimentals, and 'Pinstripe Punishers' of widely varying description now make up the bulk of the Twilight legion's forces, inserted far afield from settlements due to the organization's comparative dearth of airship support not marked with the dangerously recognizable Avarix colors. What the Legion lacks in numbers and standardization of forces it makes up for in sheer brutality; principles, laws, and international agreements - including the Medial B Accords - are all considered by the Legion as signs of a soft-bellied culture ripe for the plundering.

Demography and Population

The Twilight Legion is an international alliance and, thus, has adherents from all walks of sentient life. Ovinex and Rostrans are the most common among Legionnaires due to the organization's ties to movements already underway in the Red Velvet Desert in the years leading up to the Pale Hands Crisis, though the number of humans (especially Freelanders and former Holdsmen) is increasing as of 10,000 AR. Legionnaires are much more often male than female because of their tendency to draw from former military, mercenary, and organized criminal backgrounds, but there is no official discrimination amongst their ranks.

Foreign Relations

The Twilight Legion cares not for the benefits of cooperating with, or abiding by the laws of, the major nation-states of the Manifold. The goals of the Legion consist mostly of pursuing wealth, pleasure, and adventure at the expense of those they percieve as lacking the strength or courage to fight back. Organizations with a degree of moral flexibility - such as the Leather Jacket Nomads - or avowed neutrality in the face of geopolitical turmoil - such as the Navigator's Guild - are just as likely to gain from trade arrangements with the Legion as they are to become the targets of Legion raiding parties should they show a moment of weakness.  

9990 - 10013

Training Level
Veterancy Level
Related Species

The moral turpitude and mercenary tendencies of the government of Intercostia makes the settlement a prime location for Twilight Legion commerce and resupply.

The arch-libertarian outlook of many Holdsmen makes them susceptible to recruitment while also weakening their national resolve to counter the Legion threat on their national periphery.

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