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Dieseltech Autogyro

In general, an autogyro is a rotary-wing aircraft where thrust is provided by a vertically-oriented, powered rotor which pulls or pushes the craft through the air, while lift is provided by a horizontally-oriented, free-spinning rotor. They are typically smaller, slower, and can land in more confined spaces than their fixed wing counterparts (airplanes), though they lack the vertical takeoff and landing capabilities of other rotary-wing aircraft (helicopters) unless a good headwind is present.   Dieseltech autogyros are a common sight in the Manifold Sky. The aircraft see use in low-altitude civilian, military, and scientific roles, especially in regions where long landing strips would be difficult to come by (i.e. edge and vertex communities). Autogyros have benefited from miniaturized dieseltech technologies, with features such as navigational aides, dieseltech computer stabilization and control, and superior fuel economy.   Licensing and purchase restrictions vary between nations and municipalities, from the "fly em' if you got 'em" attitude of the Craterhold government to the professional-level training and government special clearance required by the Manifold Conservation Society. In most places, cheap kits and assembled factory models are available for purchase on the open markets, with a few even featuring clutches which allow the vehicles to be operated in limited capacities as a surface vehicles as well.

Power Generation

Dieseltech autogyros are powered by miniaturized diesel engines, though cheaper models seldom have much in the way of electric appliances other than radios or lights.


Dieseltech autogyros are propelled by vertically-oriented rotors, with the most common arrangement on civilian models being a prop mounted behind the passenger seats. Rudders and elevators mounted to aft stabilizers keep the craft from spinning out of control due to the auto-rotation of the horizontal-oriented dorsal rotor. Being small, prop-driven, and often possessing open cabins, dieseltech auto-gyros have a limited operational altitude.

Weapons & Armament

Dieseltech auto-gyros designed for use in combat capacities are often large enough to carry one or more dieseltech auto-armor weapon systems for use in offense. Furthermore, since many models feature an open cabin or large cabin doors, the crew of an auto-gyro can often use small arms to attack from within the craft.

Armor and defense

Dieseltech autogyros are seldom heavily-armored, though they make for small, mobile targets relative to ground vehicles (but not other aircraft). Many small models feature an open cockpit, exposing the crew and passengers to external dangers while also permitting the use of personal weapons from within the vehicle.

Communication Tools & Systems

Most dieseltech auto-gyros are equipped with simple one-way radio systems and signal lights, though cheap kits often omit even these amenities.


Most dieseltech auto-gyros have minimal sensor systems, typically limited to altimeters, speedometers, and possibly gimbals. Larger, more advanced models can host a variety of scientific equipment, including weather sensors such as barometers, thermometers, and others. Bomb sights and similar gunnery computers are seldom necessary due to the low altitudes and relatively low flight speeds involved, though stabilizers are sometimes employed.
Varies. Dieseltech autogyros are notable slower than fixed wing aircraft, being more comparable in terms of speed to automobiles.
Complement / Crew
1 pilot (plus copilot and 1-2 gunners optional)
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
0-3 passengers (optional)

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