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Hexon Assembly

The Hexon Assembly is an infamous mercenary crew based in Silkenvault, Voxelia. Farm-Jumpers by speciality but versatile due to their comparative affinity for technology, Assembly elements are known for their use of drone-based combat, gear-grinding expertise, near-perfect clearance rate, and absolute lack of compassion for fellow sentients.

Public Agenda

The Hexon Assembly's ruthless efficiency marks it out as a 'gruesome necessity' of Voxelian geopolitics. Many members of the Voxelian military establishment regard the Hexon Assembly as evil - despite their shared dedication to eradicating the threat posed by the Coalition Defense Forces - but cannot justify leaving such an effective fighting force unusued in a time of war. For its part, the Assembly does little to dispel this belief; a frightful reputation makes their work in taking and holding enemy positions, especially against combat-averse agri-mine employees, much easier.


The Hexon Assembly makes use of an eclectic combination of auto-armor assets, including utility skeletons for sapping and breaching, imported MCS-PD "Countess" Tactical Auto-Armor for scouting and securing captives, and refurbished captured DEL-1 "Concertina" Support Auto-Armor for combat drone control. The Assembly has created specialized tracked and aerostat combat drones found nowhere else in the Manifold Sky, effectively multiplying their forces.   The offices of the Hexon Assembly are located in a nondescript warehouse near the outskirts of Silkenvault; their activities, while conducted in the name of Voxelia, would likely provoke public backlash if openly advertised. The Assembly lacks airships of their own because any that flew under their registration would become a target of first choice as soon as it appeared in-theater due to the organization's fearsome reputation. Instead, a fleet of cargo trucks takes Hexon equipment and personnel, secreted in shipping containers or drop pods, to the airship fields to link up with their employers for a given mission.

Demography and Population

The company culture of the Hexon Assembly is a blending of tropes one might expect from a military unit and an industrial dieseltech firm. Hexon 'Elements' are ambitious, talented, and given to obsessing over every detail. For some, their ruthlessness stems from being so focussed on completing the mission that there is no room for personal feelings or quibbles to get in the way - once Hexon is in, it's in it to win. Other members are high-functioning sociopaths who washed out of the GAV because their actions on the battlefield repulsed even their brothers in arms. Others still have advanced technical expertise but also have reasons to hate the Coalition of Breakaway Colonies that go beyond what the GAV would allow them to indulge. What unites them all is a combination of technical prowess and utter dedication to the mission.   Hexon Assembly employees are recruited from veterans of the armored, technical, and information warfare MOS of the Grand Army of Voxelia. Candidates must demonstrate proficiency with various dieseltech devices and subsequently recieve cross-speciality training in psychological warfare. Unlike other PMCs, Hexon recruiters will not necessarily turn away those dishonorably discharged from the GAV so long as the given candidate can demonstrate proficiency and a willingness to follow orders. This selection process has the effect of bringing together competent, if morally or emotionally damaged, individuals who are capable of accomplishing great and terrible things with the right equipment.

Foreign Relations

Hexon Assembly employees are rightly regarded in many jurisdictions as war criminals and, therefore, must exercise caution in taking contracts that might bring them beyond the protective auspices of the Voxelian state or its allies. Members are of 'shoot on sight' status among the Warrenside Rangers, Parasol Private Holdings and any remnants of Scarab Company. Even countryrmen like Kade's Crusaders or the Hive City Royals will not deign to work with Hexon in part because, should what Hexon does on the battlefield ever come to light, these contractors would end up sharing culpability.  

Military, Mercenary Group
Alternative Names
Hexon, The Red Assembly
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Hexon; Element
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