Utility Skeleton

While most dieseltech auto-armor is complex, heavily armored, and specialized for specific roles, extremely basic models exist to serve as cost-efficient, general purpose man-amplifiers. These barebones models, known as utility skeletons, often see service in civilian contexts where capital is at a premium.   Utility skeletons are most often found in construction and logistics roles where manual dexterity is needed in combination with heavy lifting. Utility skeletons are also seeing increased use in hospitals. Initially, medical utility skeletons were primarily used to help orderlies move patients around, but, with some modifications, utility skeletons have been modified to assist physically disabled patients to reclaim a modicum of mobility.


Utility skeletons are, as the name implies, simple, adjustible truss frames of hollow steel tubing which mount to hard points on an operator's jumpsuit. A miniaturized diesel power plant and air compressor is appended to the back of the suit. Pneumatic actuators assist the operator's movements, though a utility skeleton has fewer points of articulation and a more granular mode of movement than most suits of auto-armor.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Utility skeletons possess simple air line connectors to allow the suit to mount pneumatic tools, such as the JH-AA "Lance" Heavy Jackhammer. Suits which operate in industrial contexts are often festooned with light fixtures and enclosed with protective caging or splash shields.
800 NGC
Complement / Crew
1 pilot

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