HC-1 "Meantwig" Hazardous Condition Auto-Armor

The HC-1 Hazardous Condition Auto-Armor, nicknamed after the ever-adaptable Meantwig, is a class of dieseltech auto-armor designed for the exploration of hazardous environments.   While organizations as diverse as the Navigator's Guild, Manifold Conservation Society, and Sorority of Solace occasionally make use of the Meantwig, the suit's most prolific users are its native Verdial inventors. The Ghostleaf Foundation, Petalcap Vale Customs Authority, and researchers from the Petalcap Vale University frequently make use of Meantwig to

Power Generation

A Meantwig can draw upon an umbilical, snorkel, or separate oxygen canister to provide oxygen to its powerplant in anoxic environments. This means that a Meantwig can operate on the outside of an airship or skystation, as well as underwater, if configured properly.

Armor and defense

Though Meantwigs have seen combat in rare circumstances (i.e. PVCA patrols), the defenses of the auto-armor are geared towards environmental dangers. The Meantwig features thick environmental seals and ports for air scrubbers or oxygen tanks, allowing the operator to configure the suit for use in places where air- or waterborne hazards are common; for example, Meantwigs are commonly found in verdial expeditions to the Distal Tesseract, where Distal polyps and shardleaf cast-off cannot penetrate the Meantwig's hull.   In an effort to expand upon these protective features, Miko Slaus-Braun at the Ghostleaf Foundation is developing the Keysuit. This suit will be an iteration of the Meantwig, combining knowledge gained from the study of Caudal lichen's symbiotic properties and master cells' self-healing resin properties.


The Meantwig features integrated surveying tools - such as toggleable distance, altitude, and level gauges - which aid the user in mapping their discoveries.

Hangars & docked vessels

While not a part of the suit's normal equipment, some operators of the Meantwig employ drone control packs to aid in collecting samples and measurements in the field.
1400 NGC

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