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"Sarcophagus" Custom Bombardment Auto-Armor

Greggor Rudd's "Sarcophagus" bombardment auto-armor is a natural progression from his "Coffin Suit". The Sarcophagus is a suit of stolen "Ixulova Tun" Amphibious Assault Auto-Armor adapted for Rudd's physiological needs and equipped for 125 Hands operations agains ground- and air-based assets at extreme ranges.


Because of modifications made to the Sarcophagus' gyroscope, the suit must move slower and take a wider stance to retain balance. As with the Coffin Suit, this is meant to be mitigated through the use of The Garbage Man's unique power.

Weapons & Armament

The Sarcophagus carries an appropriately-sized grease gun and shoulder-mounted rocket pods. The Sarcophagus carries long-range rockets both for surface and aerial targets, though the latter must be guided via radio remote-control. The rear turret of the Sarcophagus is equipped with a BX-9 "Smokestack" Automatic Scattergun to dissuade infantry and autogyro harriers.


The gyroscopic disc in the 'head' of the Sarcophagus has been modified somewhat to incorporate an experimental miniaturized radar array stolen by the 125 Hands from the Voxelia Academy of Sciences. The sonar subsystem found in the original Ixulova Tun which would become the Sarcophagus was gutted by 125 Hands techs to make way for the required equipment. This radar system, while crude, allows the operator to detect and engage targets miles away - including airships and skystations all the way up to the inflection layer. In addition to its unique sensor suite, the Sarcophagus cockpit contains optical scopes and computerized gun laying aids to assist Rudd in putting his missiles onto targets at intermediate ranges.

Additional & auxiliary systems

As with the Coffin Suit, the Sarcophagus includes a specialized life support system designed to keep Greggor Rudd functional in battlefield conditions. This adaptation was easier to make with the Sarcophagus than it was with the Coffin Suit, as the Ixulova Tun (an amphibious assault suit) already possessed a pressurized cabin with atmospheric controls.
Owning Organization
Complement / Crew
2 (Greggor Rudd plus one gunner)

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