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"Ixulova Tun" Amphibious Assault Auto-Armor

An ixulova tun (lit. "large, unliving spirit-person" in Iuxat) is an oversized suit of dieseltech auto-armor produced for use by Rostran Archipelago Confederacy armed forces through defense contracts with the Eudoxia Chemical Group. Named for a zombie-like creature of old Low Rostran lore and clad in an extremely durable cellular eudoxium carapace, the sight of an ixulova tun barreling up the beach is a rare source of terror for any opposing military force. This fearsome reputation generally burnishes the ego of ixulova tun pilots, causing most to develop a great sense of self-confidence on and off the battlefield; in some cases, this newfound confidence blooms into a god complex.


Because of its massive size - and, to satisfy the square-cube law, its massive girth - the pilot of an ixulova tun cannot fully extend his or her limbs into those of the suit. Networks of control linkages serve to translate the operator's movement into movements in the extremities of the suit, with pneumatic actuators driven by the diesel powerplant amplifying these movements as usual for a suit of auto-armor. Furthermore, the mass of the suit prevents the operator from using his or her own balance effectively in all terrain conditions. To this end, balance is enhanced through the implementation of a large gryoscope in the discus-shaped 'head' of the suit.   An ixulova tun doubles as a pressurized diving suit and is capable of cracking water to greatly extend oxygen reserves for both pilot and co-pilot (if present), though it requires ballast to remain below the surface. While the suit is incredibly bulky, its honeycomb superstructure gives it a high degree of buoyancy; integrated water jets allow it to maneuver with surprising agility in the water. As a result of these features, ixulova tun are likely to see service with units of marines, where they can be used for establishing beachheads, clearing/laying naval mines, or assaulting naval assets which stray into littoral waters.

Weapons & Armament

Grease guns sized for, and wielded by, ixulova tun are classed as cannons and are capable of chewing through heavy armor with relative ease. In addition to being able to carry crew-served weaponry - as most auto-armor does - ixulova tun also feature a back-mounted ball turret mounted with another such weapon and controlled by the co-pilot. Weapons for both manual and turret use are purchased separately by operating units to fit the unique needs of those units' respective mission profiles.

Armor and defense

All ixulova tun are produced with a layer of honeycombed Grade I eudoxium armor. Eudoxium is a strong, light titanium alloy that allows such a large armature to be constructed without collapsing under its own weight. The honeycomb structure employed with the ixulova tun grants the suit buoyancy and a high degree of resistance to ballistic damage, as the voids serve to disperse the energy of incoming projectiles. Experimental models are sometimes fitted with armor where these voids are filled with resin channels to grant an adaptive, 'self-healing' capability, though these remain rare as of the year 10,000 AR.

Communication Tools & Systems

An ixulova tun can carry an integrated radio suite for both communications and remote control purposes.


While the cockpit and ball turret are heavily armored, great care was taken by the designers to ensure that the pilot and co-pilot retain a wide field of view in both standing and prone (swimming) positions. Some ixulova tun feature basic sonar systems to permit greater threat detection during amphibious operations.

Additional & auxiliary systems

In addition to the normal fire control systems present aboard a suit of auto-armor, all ixulova tun feature a computer-augmented ordinance control suite. Shoulder-mounted rocket, missile, or torpedo pods are common equipment for ixulova tun, though these are mounted at the unit level instead of being provided by the factory, as this arrangement allows more tactical flexibility.
Giant Zombie, Rostral Titan
Owning Organization
6000 NGC (suit and armor shell only)
Due to their high complexity, expensive construction materials, and large aerial insertion mass, ixulova tun are rarely seen ouside of the Rostral Tesseract.
1 ton
Complement / Crew
2 (1 pilot, 1 co-pilot)

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