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The Mitt

The Mitt is a suit of KF "Knave" Fast Attack Auto-Armor heavily modified by Intercostian Oligarchs for capturing escaped servants and, later, for use in exhibition matches in the Bleak Pillars Arena. Known for its blinding speed and numerous means of entanging and controlling opponents, The Mitt is a crowd favorite for its unique method of dealing death to competitors.   While The Mitt is spectacular to watch, its operators are notoriously prone to dying unless they can use the suit's speed to optimal effect. Its armor can resist, but not fully deflect, small arms fire (see Armor & Defense like the Knave, it was designed to kite until a decisive blow can be struck. Survival hinges on closing to within the opponent's firing arc quickly and securing a grapple or, if the opponent is using a melee weapon, using the combat winch and trident (see Weapons & Armament) to dictate the range of engagement.

Weapons & Armament

The arm actuators of The Mitt are enhanced for extra strength and the bracers are fitted with a set of nasty tow hook 'claws' for gripping and pulling opponents in. The space between the inside of the arms and outside of the legs are strung with heavy cable-reinforced cargo netting, and a skirt around the posterior connects the two halves of the net. This combination of features makes The Mitt extremely difficult to get away from should one become enwrapped in its embrace. Shaking a grappled opponent brings them into contact with the numerous sharp edges on the suit's anterior surface, puncturing and lacerating even as the operator's pneumatically-enhanced strength crushes bones.   The Mitt is typically armed with a "Wrangler" Combat Winch and an oversized bident with tungsten-tipped bards. It is typically piloted by a fighter proficient in Mesa-Style Wrestling or a similar grappling-centric martial art, though anyone with a proclivity towards close-quarters brawling will suffice.

Armor and defense

The Mitt is lightly armored in comparison to it's counterpart, Stavro's Demon, but still more heavily armored than most Knaves. A cage of square tubing has been welded down the middle of the chest to provide extra shear support and protection against swung weaponry without compomising the ability to replace the neo-gambeson armor or the flexibility required to initiate a grapple.

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