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CB-1c "Brushaxe" Auto-Armor Destroyer

The CB-1c Auto-Armor Destroyer - designated the "Brushaxe" - is a type of dieseltech auto-armor designed to ambush and destroy other auto-armor in the field. An eclectic but effective suit, the Brushaxe is rarely knowingly sold outside of the Petalcap Vale holdings in the Caudal Tesseract out of an interest to keep the suit as a hedge against percieved human (especially Voxelian) expansionism.

Power Generation

The Brushaxe's powerplant is somewhat underpowered due to the constrains imposed upon it by the need for silencing exhaust baffles. As a result, the suit's physical strength - as governed by its engine's ability to run a pneumatic compressor - is not high. On the other hand, the small engine is tuned for maximal fuel efficiency, giving the Brushaxe improved field endurance. A small magazine of starter plugs allows the suit to start easily despite falling cold during extended off cycles (i.e. when lying in wait for an enemy).   Notably, through collaborations with the Ghostleaf Foundation, Vale Mechatronics has incorporated a miniaturized fuel biosynthesis reactor into the suit's backpack, allowing the suit to gradually refuel itself given enough time and the occasional provision of the user's bodily waste. In practice, this serves to further extend the suit's field endurance, though not to the level of the still-experimental Keysuit. For the Brushaxe, every fifth fuel tank is essentially free.

Weapons & Armament

The Brushaxe comes armed with a shoulder-mounted rotary grenade launcher than can be used to fire a variety of specialized shells. These shells include high-explosives, smoke, crowd dispersal agents, and even blunt impact rounds. The armor is otherwise capable of carrying the typical armaments of auto-armor within the Vale's purview, such as a vale gaff, 18mm grease gun, and ballistic shield.

Armor and defense

The Brushaxe comes equipped with a resin injector, giving its sandwiched armor plating the ability to self-heal after a fashion. While the suit is not designed to stand toe-to-toe with other heavies, such as the BF-6 "Fortress" Mobile Stronghold Auto-Armor, it is more than capable of standing up to small arms fire should the need arise. The real defense of the Brushaxe comes from stealth; meshes are festooned about the suit's armor plates to permit the addition of camouflage elements appropriate for the environment.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Because the Brushaxe is designed primarily for use within the Caudal Tesseract, it typically features a dense layer of insulation to keep the operator warm in cold weather. This insulation has the additional benefit of providing some protection from collision damage, as the user's body is surrounded by the cushioning material. This benefit can become a drawback in hot, humid environments, as the suit is not as breathable as lightweight suits like the KF "Knave" Fast Attack Auto-Armor or sealed against the environment like a HC-1 "Meantwig" Hazardous Condition Auto-Armor.

Owning Organization
The Brushaxe is uncommon outside of Petalcap vale, but well-known within the Vale's own police and military forces.
Related Technologies
Complement / Crew
1 operator

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