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PM "Paladin" Main Battle Auto-Armor

PM Main Battle Auto-Armor, also know as the "Paladin," is, as the name implies, the main class of dieseltech auto-armor employed by the Grand Army of Voxelia in the War of Reunification against the Coalition Defense Forces. Technically simple and inexpensive to produce, Paladin suits nonetheless are flexible enough to fulfill many combat roles Voxelia's military requires, including the most basic role of combat auto-armor the Manifold Sky over: the solo fielding of crew-served weaponry

Weapons & Armament

In addition to the standard oversized variant of the standard infantry grease gun found across most of the Manifold's fighting forces, Paladin operators expecting close- to mid-ranged engagements might carry MH-2 "Monarch" Mellification Cannons to disperse enemy infantry formations. The traditional melee weapon of Paladins is the Djet, as this is less heavy, complicated, and expensive than an jackhammer without sacrificing melee utility - though a jackhammer would be more effective against armored targets.

Armor and defense

Unlike the KF "Knave" Fast Attack Auto-Armor, the Paladin cannot rely on raw physical speed to evade attack. To this end, many carry ballistic shields to augment their own armor, though doing so sacrifices carrying capacity for additional crew-served weapons. The slower Paladins often find themselves in the rear guard of the standard GAV fast attack units, weathering attacks as a diversion so the rest of the unit can escape. Because of this, many Coalition units will, when faced with a line of Paladins, opt to strafe in lieu of directly engaging - after all, the softer rear flank of Knaves and infantry is already receeding by the time Paladins are encountered, making direct engagements a waste of ammunition and pursuit time.
Owning Organization
Complement / Crew
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