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JH-AA "Lance" Heavy Jackhammer

The JH-AA "Lance" Heavy Jackhammer is produced by Medial Works Equipment Company primarily for use as a construction tool to be attached to a construction vehicle armature or suit of industrial auto armor. The Lance is held in high regard for it's superior ruggedness and variety of impact bits and fittings for specialized applications. The Lance's ubiquity within early auto-armor combat engineering squads led to the tool's wholesale adoption as an off-brand heavy melee weapon for use against other auto-armor units, where the tool excels in pulverizing joint actuators and deforming space frames.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Lance is, in terms of mechanical workings, a standard pneumatic jackhammer optimized for use in vehicle-mounted roles. It accepts pneumatic pressure and lubricant feeds from external fittings, and it's "trigger" mechanism can be actuated either by a handle attachment or via control lines fed through a mounting socket. Unique dieseltech computers in the operating vehicle can be set to the task of controlling the movement and triggering conditions of the Lance, making consistent, precision cuts in hard surfaces possible despite the brutish appearance of the tool.


The Lance is commonly portrayed in media as a symbol of workmanlike strength, with burly construction workers carrying the tool over their shoulders or operating it independent of vehicle or auto-armor mounts.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Subtype / Model
Related Technologies
The Lance sees common use in auto-armor, as the item is equally efficacious in construction and combat with the proper choice of impact bit. While the offiicial Medial Works production facility is located in Free Faces League territory, knock-offs and replicas produced from reverse engineering are produced by various manufacturers throughout the civilized Manifold.
50 lbs (plus 20 lbs of diesltech computer control equipment if applicable)

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