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The term Dieseltech encompasses both the standard definition of diesel engineering, such as generators and propulsion systems, and the exotic applications of biodiesel unique to the Manifold Sky setting.  Biodiesel was a revolutionary invention in the Manifold, allowing Voxelia to halt it's economic stagnation when natural petroleum deposits ran dry, allowing for retaliation against previously broken-away provinces, and opening the door to the exploration of the alien environments of adjacent tesseracts.  




Dieseltech can take the form of "traditional" diesel and diesel-electric vehicles, including automobiles, trains, construction equipment, earth-movers, factory equipment, and electric generators.   Dieseltech auto-armor is an application of dieseltech in the form of a man amplifier.    Dieseltech computer systems are a form of fluid computing combined with a degree of reversibility.  Memory "bits" are tiny capillaries which may contain (1) or not contain fuel, and the burning of this fuel when bits are returned to a zero state helps to pressurize the system to allow for future calculations. "Programs" are specially-constructed sheets of perforated gasket material or arrays of tiny injector valves, in a similar vein to the cards found in electromechanical computers, with the "read/write" assembly both able to interpret open valves as bits and toggle the state of the valves.    Dieseltech is also used in various aspects of airship design beyond propulsion, such as the generation of hot gasses to modulate buoyancy or as an offensive weapon against boarders (burning and suffocating attackers). Both standard aerostats and and hybrid airships can be used to access higher altitudes (including skystations) than fixed-wing aircraft could achieve.
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