Bannerman 1000 R-Mil

The 1000 R-Mil is a variant of the 900R sidecar motorcycle produced by Bannerman Motors for use by the Grand Army of Voxelia. Sporting dual suspension on the bike, a suspension-damped linkage with the sidecard, and an engine bored out to 1000cc for improved power, the Bannerman is a nimble platform for strafing attacks with pintle-mounted weaponry.   Old and surplus 1000 R-Mils occasionally find their way into the civilian secondary market, where the have become beloved by commuters and motorsports enthusiasts alike. Arc 400 competitors like the extreme endurance of the Bannerman because it reduces the potential of becoming stranded in dangerous places, especially the active fronts of the War of Reunification. Bannermen frames can even be found in the Coalition states, though, by the time they reach these markets, they are so buried under modifications that they become difficult to identify as such.


The 1000 R-Mil's powerplant is a single-cylinder 1000cc dieseltech engine designed to burn biodiesel for ease of logistics alongside auto-armor units. The massive liter-sized cylinder is angled forward in the frame to help counteract vibration. While rather weighty for a motorcycle, the Bannerman is more than powerful enough to compensate; the added mass also helps to ameliorate engine vibration and recoil from the mounted weapon. The engine is designed to be simple, durable, and inexpensive to maintain in the field.   A spare tire on the back of the sidecar and jerry can panniers on the tail of the motorcycle serve to drastically expand the operational range of the 1000 R-Mil.

Weapons & Armament

A pintle mount near the front of the Bannerman's sidecar allows the passenger to make use of a large-caliber weapon, putting the motorcycle on par with some suits of auto-armor in terms of potential firepower. The passenger may also chose to wield their own personal weapons, such as a rifle or needler, as the situation dictates. The front bumper of the sidecar includes a rack for spare ammo cans.

Armor and defense

The 1000 R-Mil is lightly armored so as to not reduce its mobility. This lack of monolithic protection is somewhat made up for by the fact that, in keeping with the Grand Army's doctrine of lightning attacks, the Bannerman is often capable of carrying its riders into and out of danger before opponents can react.
Bannerman, R-Mil, Liter Milspec
Military Formation Usage
Related Technologies
Complement / Crew
1 driver plus 1 gunner
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1 passenger with optional rear comfort seat; 20 gal trunk capacity (1 compartment), 20 gal pannier capacity (2 compartments)

Cover image: by BCGR_Wurth


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