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In the Manifold, motorcycles are a common form of motorized conveyance for individuals and, occasionally, single passengers - more common, in fact, than automobiles when it comes to people without families. Because of their narrow wheelbase and relative lightness, motorcycles are more easily able to traverse regions of the Manifold where infrastructure is absent or underdeveloped. For a similar reason, their fuel economy is better for individuals than an equivalent automobile - an important consideration in an age when resources are at a premium.   Motorcycles in the Manfold come in a wide variety of makes and models to fill various roles, including civilian, sport, law enforcement, military, and exploration roles.

Power Generation

Most motorcycles have a kickstart lever, though some expensive models also have an electric starter motor as well. A stator system helps the motorcycle generate the electricity required to power spark/glow plugs, lighting, and other accessories. In a pinch, a motorcycle engine can be used as a small generator.


Motorcycles are propelled by internal combustion engines. In the Manifold, while gasoline engines would be lighter, diesel engines are typically used for ease of acquiring fuel and for fuel efficiency; improvements in material science (i.e. Eudoxium) are constantly reducing the weight of motorcycle power plants. As of the year 10,000 AR, most motorcycle drivetrains are either staunch shaft drives or heavy duty chain drives designed for maximum durability.


Motorcycles in the Manifold almost universally come equipped with odometers, spedometers, and gas level meters; built-in chronometers are increasingly common as well. These help the rider navigate (i.e. through roll-charts) and squeeze every last bit of endurance out of a tank of fuel.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Sidecars are a common addition to motorcycles found in the Manifold, especially when found in police or military contexts (i.e. road patrols). A sidecar allows for greater cargo or passenger capacity and can even allow for the mounting of special equipment (such as weapons, spotlights, or cameras). While the additional mass makes navigating unknown terrain more difficult, racers in the Arc 400 sometimes affix a sidecar to carry an additional fuel cell for maximum road endurance.
Avg. 800 NGC starting price
4ft (solo) to 8ft (sidecar)
5-10 ft
~4 to 5ft
250-500lbs (single) or 400-650lbs (sidecar)
Complement / Crew
1 rider
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1 passenger

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