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Eudoxium is a unique metal alloy known for its incredible strenght-to-weight ratio.


Physical & Chemical Properties

Eudoxium is a silvery-blue metal that tends to take on a matte finish over long exposure to atmosphere. This finish is actually a passivation layer that helps inhibit corrosion even when exposed to salt water, making the material especially useful for maritime applications. The melting point of eudoxium is also notably higher than that of comparable steel alloys.   Eudoxium is sold in three grades based on overall durability and, consequently, cost:
  • Grade I: The cheapest and least durable variety of the metal, Grade I eudoxium sees use in gross structural applications (i.e. vehicle hulls) and ablative armor plates.
  • Grade II: Considered 'mid-grade,' Grade II eudoxium is already too expensive to see regular use in large quantities. Grade II eudoxium can be found in personal tools, weaponry, and sometimes body armor.
  • Grade III: A mostly experimental material, Grade III eudoxium is not used in any large-scale applications, though it does find applications in the manufacture of machine components which must have good resistance to heat and corrosion. Grade III eudoxium-tungsten ceramics, though brittle, make for extremely hard tool bits.

Origin & Source

The material, like the conglomerate that produces it, is named for the city of Eudoxia in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy core holdings of Rostral D.   The actual composition of eudoxium is a trade secret, known only to Eudoxia Chemical Group metallurgists and their subsidiaries. This secrecy is further reinforced by RAC counter-intelligence operations, as eudoxium is considered an important strategic resource for its military applications (i.e. the construction of "Ixulova Tun" amphibious assault auto-armor and locally-produced airship structural members).
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History & Usage

Cultural Significance and Usage

O, Stern Father! As you clad our spirits in iron bands 'afore the face of adversity, bless this holy metal. May this unbreakable shell, under the sight of your ancient spirit, gird our mariners' flesh with an invincible gleam!
— A canticle to the Knapper of Spirits, uttered over sacred eudoxium
Who are you, filthy pirates, to stand against the god-flesh?
— An Ixulova Tun pilot to an Avarix Corps raider
  Esotericist (often Knappist) heirophants are sometimes called in to preside over the creation of eudoxium items produced for use by the Marine Forces (RACMF). The heirophants offer up supplications and perform binding rituals to channel the spirit of the Knapper of Spirits into the metal, transforming into 'sacred' eudoxium. This is often accompanied by carving intricate sigils into the final product to signify its blessed nature. The material qualities of the eudoxium produced in this process are indistinguishable from those of normal eudoxium, but for Rostran believers in these religions, the knowledge that the material has been blessed fills their hearts with redoubled determination to protect their homeland.


Law & Regulation

Due to eudoxium's nature as a strategic resource, exportation of the material is tightly regulated by the RAC. Trade in eudoxium or its raw materials is not outright banned, but traders face heavy export duties and record-keeping requirements when dealing in the material.  
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Multiple RAC punitive expeditions against the Avarix Corps in the Red Velvet Desert have been sparked by evidence that significant quantities of the material have fallen into enemy hands, whether through combat losses or through aerospace smuggling. Ironically, as the Avarix are avid afficionados of guerilla tactics, these expeditions usually resort in more eudoxium, overall, escaping the control of the RAC than if the expeditions had never been launched in the first place. The various small rostran settlements located in the Red Velvet Desert, being skilled in hazardous-condition salvage reclamation as a living requirement in that harsh environment, have, in turn, become the best black-market source for eudoxium in the Manifold Sky.
Silvery-blue with a matte finish
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