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Western Tesseract

The Western Tesseract is one of the ten tesseracts which make up the Manifold. Cubes falling within this tesseract are notable for their wet climates. This tesseract is considered to lie in the diametrically opposed region of the Manifold to the Eastern Tesseract.


The cube layers closest to the Western Tesseract are mostly (if not completely) covered in water. This includes a few places where the commissures lie completely below the surface of the water, making inter-cube travel impossible without proper infrastructure. As a result, both Voxelia and the Rostran Archipelago confederacy consider their adjacent cube layers lying within the Western Tesseract to be useful naval defense bulwarks, as these layers are extremely difficult for enemy forces to establish beachheads in.   The cubes of the Western Tesseract are connected to adjacent tesseracts through the following inflection layer transits:  
  • West A to Dorsal C
  • West B to Rostral C
  • West C to Medial A
  • West D to Caudal A
  • West E to Dorsal A
  • West F to South A
  • West G to Ventral A
  • West H to North A

Fauna & Flora

Most life in the Western Tesseract is aquatic in nature, whether existing fully beneath the surface of the ubiquitous waters (as in fish), erupting from the shallows (as in mangroves and wetlands), or floating on the surface (as in living islands of fungus).

Natural Resources

The Western Tesseract is rich in seafood and dissolved minerals. Rumors of untapped petroleum deposits waiting in easily accessible areas beneath the waters of the Western Tesseract have typically proven to be unfounded. Nevertheless, new strains of algae discovered within the Western Tesseract have provided novel sources of food, biodiesel, and waste-digesting enzymes for use in industrial processes.
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