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Hive City

Hive City is a rural Voxelian agricultural town on Medial A5. Hive City supplies a wide variety of apiary products to the Voxelian economy, provides New Voxelians with a link to their pastoral roots, and serves as the base of operations for the private military contractors calling themselves the Hive City Royals.


The Hive City Royals provide local defense free of charge. Other than that, Hive City citizens would resort to guerilla warfare to protect their homes. The important industries of the town are spread widely across the terrain, making an insurgent effort more effective as invading units have to spread themselves out. Almost everyone in Hive City has a rifle or collection of jaw traps normally used for hunting, but these could be turned to hunting 'bigger game' should then need arise. Even so, the need for Hive City to defend itself in the absence of reinforcements from Silkenvault is regarded as highly unlikely, as the town lies deep within Voxelian home territory.   Like most Voxelian municipalities, Hive City sits atop a system of bomb shelters; unlike other municipalities, however, these are root and mead cellars first and shelters as a secondary consideration.

Industry & Trade

Hive City's primary industry is apiculture, with the majority of citizens involved bees, honey, beeswax, mead, bottling, or canning. Nearby apple orchards and fields of clover provide ample nectar for honeybees. Notable examples of Hive City apiary products include Chandler's Festival votives, Bee's Lantern, and award-winning mead with seasonal variants just for the Ambergrain Brewery Fair. Hives that fail to thrive are still useful to Hive City industry, as honey and wax which is not suitable for human consumption can still be utilized in the production of MH-2 "Monarch" Mellification Cannon slugs by the local armory.


Hive City has a small but booming tourism industry. Visitors to Hive City are either on holiday - as the Chandler's Festival spread beyond Hive City itself in the Old Voxelian era - or seeking to reconnect with pastoral roots. There are many shops in Hive City selling apiary products and handicrafts made explicitly for tourist consumption, though this is by no means used as an excuse to skimp on quality. The local grainge fair, held every Ikaudun 9th to 11th, is a popular tourist draw; vacation packages scheduled for around this time of year often include a visit to the Ambergrain Brewery Fair the following weekend to keep in-theme.


The structures of Hive City are spaced widely and mostly follow an older architectural style based on timber slats, though more modern facilities are walled with mass-produced brick. Most structures' walls are painted some shade of dark red, but the roof slats or tiles are either clear-coated or colored in more earthen tones. This latter choice is less for aesthetic taste than to confuse aerial reconnaisance, as even rural townships are potential targets in the War of Reunification. 'Downtown,' such as it exists, is a commercial district comprised of red brick buildings scattered around a recently-paved main street.

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