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The Vitreous Star

The Vitreous Star is an immersive art installation associated with the Wadoona Movement. It is located in the suburbs of Silkenvault, where the dictates of the Silkenvault architectural standards do not apply.


The outer shell of The Vitreous Star is stellated dodecahedron formed from equilateral triangles of stained glass. The structure is hollow. A polished marble staircase admits vistors to the building interior. This shape stands on one point, propped up from the surrounding cultured marble patio by thick support columns. The square grounds are bounded by a garden inset with sculptures of a similar type to the ones found within (see below).   The inner structure is made of whitewashed panels over hidden steel trusses. It somewhat resembles a house without any external walls, letting the sunlight filtering throught the stained glass wash over every surface. At night, spotlights on the exterior peak and around the patio project into the structure to maintain the interior lighting, though individual exhibits within the building proper are also lit with small sconces.   The exhibits here are of plaster sculptures with surreal, semi-liquid forms, evoking the contrast between the angular, discrete shapes of the structure with flowing, organic shapes. Ethereal chime and woodwind music, pre-recorded by contributing musicians, fills the space. Some of the more broadly humanoid sculptures are actually stage automata, moving and reshaping in response to this music. The power supply for this machinery is hidden beneath the patio for sound dampening reasons; the fuel is provided in part by fuel biosynthesis reactors (hidden in a nearby utility building) which also take care of the restroom effluvia.   Plaques scattered throughout The Vitreous Star near the exhibits, if all read and interpreted in the right order, offer an alternative take on the storyline set forth throughout the original Wadoona Experience, starting with the An Exhortation to Wadoona. This makes the site rather popular with those who, for whatever reason, have a knowledge of the Wadoona artistic movement but weren't able to partake in the alternate reality game when it was still ongoing.


The costs of maintenance, advertising, and land use are covered largely through donations and grants from the Voxelia College of Bards; the exhibit itself is free to visit except during the peak seasons (especially Rainmaas), when a small door fee is charged to cover personnel costs.   The Vitreous Star was most popular as a tourist attraction in the first six months of opening, a period during which admission had to be regulated by the artists responsible for its construction. Most Silkenvault suburbanites these days view the exhibit from a distance, perhaps enjoying walks along the statuary gardens surrounding it without ever venturing in. Still, The Vitreous Star still sees a steady trickle of visitors looking to connect with the still-relevant art movement of which it plays a not insignificant part.

Founding Date
9998 AR
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