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The Dodge Room

The Dodge Room is a small jazz cabaret pub in Silkenvault known for its richly-colored frosted glass decor, extensive selection of local beer and mead, and frequent smooth jazz performances. The Dodge Room has multiple snugs (or private drinking rooms) where all sorts of untold dealings and secret rendezvous might take place.

Purpose / Function

The Dodge Room was intended to be a public meeting place for a more artsy set, as the owners have a fondness for music, poetry, and stage plays. Local mead and food offerings serve to draw in more customers who might discover a similar aesthetic taste in themselves.


The entrance and exit doors of The Dodge Room are integrated into the facade of the long commercial complex which the establishment occupies. An overhanging portion of the building provides shade for those waiting outside and serves to mount the purple frosted glass sign into which the name of the pub is etched in stylized drafting text. Twin L-shaped staircases separated by a thick, square structural column angle away from one another as they rise up into the pub; the back wall of each is another thick expanse of purple frosted glass through which the movements of bartenders against the light of the musical stage can sometimes be seen from the street. Swinging, padded doors at the top of the stairs help keep the place warm in the winter. The distant strains of jazz and conversation emanate out from this place.


As the rest of the commercial complex in which the Dodge Room resides fell into hard times during the early 9980s, The Dodge Room purchased additional space to provide snugs, a game room, and expanded kitchen and backstage facilities.


The entrance stairwells deposit visitors in a long, somewhat narrow bar space; this lies along one side of the main hall, though the doors which lead into the main hall from here are largely unadorned save for padding such that non-locals might never discover the establishment's true character. Lanterns, hanging geometric sculptures, and decorative windowpanes which separate the snugs and game rooms from the main hall, all done in vibrant purple- and orange-hued frosted glass, were the work of a local glassworker who the bar patronizes. The main hall of the tavern consists of a large, square room filled with square dining tables for patrons; a large thrust stage, opposite the entrance, protrudes into this area for musical acts. The stage floor is composed of removable, sound-dampening panels; these conceal a storage area and several dieseltech computers which can be used to operate stage automatons. Along the left side of the main hall lie the snugs; along the right lies the game room, with pool, cards, and darts available.
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Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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