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Court of Liars

The Court of Liars is an early Voxelian civic site located at the Silkenvault city center. Formerly the stronghold of the Old Voxelian Emperor and court of his vassal kings, the Court of Liars Is now a massive administrative complex occupied by the Council of Liars.

Purpose / Function

The Court of Liars has, since Imperial times, served the dual purpose of providing a space for governmental activities and displaying the wealth and power of the Voxelian cultural elite.


Over time, as the structure of Voxelian governance and society have changed under the guiding hands of the Council of Liars, the bailey and immediate environs of the Court of Liars have been filled with more modern buildings to match. However, as the Court is an important piece of architectural history - and the Council is ever invested in maintaining cultural ties - the structure of the keep, walls, and all attached structures has been fortified but otherwise left intact. The vault which once contained The Imperial Canon has since been replaced with a fortified foundation featuring accessways to the executive bunkers beneath the keep.


The Court of Liars is now a sprawling multi-story administrative complex subdivided by narrow alleys and streets overhung with arched skywalks. A ring road traces the outside of the old castle walls, with guarded checkpoints, gun emplacements, sniper's nests guarding the entrances to successivly more secure inner layers of the castle proper. While new structures are sometimes created, they are held to a similar aesthetic as that found in the castle as a means of demonstrating that the official architectural regulations of Silkenvault apply equally to all - even those in the seats of power.


The Imperial Canon was once located in the somelier's vault beneath the Court of Liars, but has since been moved to a specially-constructed museum space within the bailey. Visitors from all across the Voxelian-held territories come to this museum to reconnect with their cultural roots. The Court of Liars is itself a treat for the eyes, as the traditional brown brick buildings are bedecked in carved marble and wood and shrouded in the shimmering red and gold silk banners of the Voxelian state. Over time, the structure has lost much of its forboding nature as a symbol of state tyranny, but it retains its majesty nonetheless.   On extremely rare occasions, usually at the behest of a Master Harlequin working in his capacity as a regional representative, the Court of Liars invites members of the public to attend a gathering of the Council to discuss affairs which have thus far proven difficult to resolve on a local level. Visitors are often stunned by the splendor of the Council chamber, with numerous layers of red silk banners strung from the high-vaulted ceiling and shimmering in the golden light of autumn-colored stained glass windows. Harlequins and civilians alike sit in tiered velved-cushioned audience boxes around a horseshoe-shaped central presenters' table, all of which is carved from the darkly polished heartwood of the (now extinct) giant redwoods of Medial A. The monolithic throne at one end of the table remains empty, its surface still stained with dark blotches where the Old Voxelian Emperor's blood was spilled as the jesters took control.
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