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The Crimson Loop

The Crimson Loop is one of several hypothetical megastructures that comprises the artistic corpus of famed New Voxelian architect Servius Vittochi. Envisioned as 'aspirational infrastructure' - an artifact for a post-war era that glorifies the ingenuity and prowess of Voxelia - the Crimson Loop is almost certainly beyond the current capabilities of any nation beneath the Manifold Sky to actually build.

Purpose / Function

Servius Vittochi is best known for his architectural works, but his original specialization was civil engineering. For this reason, many of the futurist megastructures he designs - including the Crimson Loop - are designed primarily to support inter-cube transportation or communication.


The route envisaged by Vittochi for the Crimson Loop to take (see Architecture) is only the most recent iteration of his vision for a non-airborne inter-cube transit system. Originally, the Loop would have passed through Silkenvault and a rebuilt Thyonaxes but this route would have forced the loop to pass through the less favorable Medial H cube. While the Manifold Conservation Society gets more attention in the Crimson Loop plans as a result of this change, that nation is still held in some esteem among Voxelian academia (of which Vittochi remains a patron) and was considered a more viable partner for a pan-Voxelian project like the Crimson loop.


The Crimson Loop is envisioned as a fully-enclosed road and rail 'bridge' that hooks through the commissures connecting Medial A, B, and E, forming a circle that touches three regions with extensive New Voxelian populations within the Human Arc. Transit stations would be established for loading and offloading passengers at Bunker Primus, a reimagined Hive City, and the wholly fictional New Thyonaxes. Special rails on the outside of the Crimson Loop would allow payloads to be launched centrifugally through inflection layers for inter-cube deployment or to be intercepted for use by skystations.   Notably, though the loop would appear for all intents and purposes to be a circle to its riders, the unusual geometries of the Manifold Sky means that it actually only encompasses a three-quarters circle, the fourth ninety degrees of the circle being 'cut out' by the Manifold's additional spatial dimensions. Other entries in Vittochi's work tend towards universal connections - that is, they aspire to reach every part of a cube, tesseract, or even the whole of the Manifold - Making the Crimson Loop unusual even in its own contexts.

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