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Walvary Peak

Walvary Peak is the more common name for what is more formally known in Navigator's Guild charts as the Medial C2/C3/C6 Vertex Mountain Prominence. It falls squarely on the territorial boundaries of the Commonwealth of C and Craterhold; the two powers share control of the mountain (if not responsibility for its care) equally.


Walvary Peak is perhaps the highest prominence found solidly within Coalition of Breakaway Colonies territories, though the ever-shifting fronts of the War of Reunification sometimes place higher points of the Booming Hills Range within said territories temporarily. The terrain is craggy and sparsely populated with pine copses, though the peak itself lies just above the tree line.

Ecosystem Cycles

Walvary Peak features a typically Eastern-adjacent dry alpine environment, with deep winter snows which provide large amounts of drinking water to the regions below when the spring and summer comes. This snowpack can result in avalanches if conditions are just right, meaning that Commonwealth of C Bureau of Forestry officials, empowered by predictive dieseltech computer modeling, must sometimes conduct avalanch abatement activities (i.e. blasting).

Fauna & Flora

Walvary Peak features an alpine ecology dominated by evergreen trees and scrub. Small patches of Penrose Fescue and wildflowers dominate the few flat patches of terrain, while the slopes and gaps between the protruding granite rock faces sport copses of towering pines. Rabbits, wild mice, and other small mammals live in the many hollows created by this terrain, while mountain lions, hawks, and other raptors serve as the primary predator species.


Walvary Peak has long been sacred to the Elovisian peoples, as it serves as the final resting place of many Elovisians who were dedicated to Cosmeon, the Stellar Spirits, or who oberserved pre-conquest animist traditions in life. By placing the honored dead among the many high-altitude, open-topped charnel houses and towers that comprise the Walvary Necropolis, Elovisians of faith hope to help the spirits of the dead reach the 'place which lies beyond the sky' - what modern residents of the Manifold Sky would call the Celestial Realms. Birds and the elements are allowed to gradually break down the cadavers, leaving polished bone behind, though the charnel houses are designed to hedge out terrestrial scavengers for the peace of mind of visitors.   Several stylos (tall towers) rise up from this mountain necropolis, the highest point of the peak itself surmounted with the tower of the famed Stylite of Walvary Peak, one of the most famous Eyes of the Void beneath the Manifold Sky. Pilgrims sometimes travel from the surrounding countryside to visit the Stylite or one of several lesser ascetic religious sages who have taken residence in the towering anchorholds, seeking religious teachings, benedictions, or philosophical perspectives untainted by worldly affairs.
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