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Club 105

Club 105 is a popular pub, jazz club, and gambling hall in Vivaldi Peak. The name refers to the number of cards in a vyozha deck, as one of the primary attractions of Club 105 is the presence of four dedicated dealers on staff.

Purpose / Function

Club 105 is the biggest and most popular night spot in Vivaldi Peak, with a storied history going back over 78 years. The venue is designed so that it can appeal to middle-class residents of the city, though it has played host to members of the Commonwealth Parliament and their staff in the past by cordonning off some of the snugs on the second floor for private use only.
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Club 105 is a perfectly square three-story brownstone building located in downtown Vivaldi Peak, with entrances located on either side of the southern end of the building. The inside of the establishment is brightly lit with sodium lights ensconced to look like old gas lamps.   The second floor features a boardwalk-like raised area around a central, square opening to the floor below, forming a mezzanine. Along the east and west ends of this raised floor are cublicles, with the corner cubicles dedicated to gambling tables while the rest are dining snugs.
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Beneath the boardwalk, on the southern end of the first floor, lies the bar and kitchen. The rest of the lower floor is taken up with smaller tables for drinking and watching the jazz musicians (on the stage at the northern wall) play. Occasionally, this central space is cleared out to allow a central stage to be assembled or, in contrast, to open a place for patrons to dance.   The administrative offices are located on the upper floor, with small glass portholes on the floor and a pluggable sound tube letting the boss pay attention to doings on the main floor during operating hours. The upper floor also features a number of small motel rooms which can be rented for an evening or two, as (unlike most establishments in the city) the Club 105 staff is keen on keeping their drunks off the street to maintain the reputation of the establishment. Part of the administrative space is open for rent, with diverse clientelle - including talent scouts, private eyes, and artists - having rented offices in the past. The infamous Gordon Druce once rented an office to give himself a staging area for his efforts at recruiting new Manifold Conservation Society citizens, though he is not known for certain to have killed anyone while in residence.
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