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Ambergrain is a small, rural Voxelian agricultural community located in Medial A.


Ambergrain is run by an elected town council. Several subcommittees handle matters such as taxation, land use, and public events.

Industry & Trade

Ambergrain exports a wide variety of cereals (including wheat, oats, and rice), grain byproducts (including animal feed and grain alcohol), and baked goods. Meats, seasonings, and fruits are imported to provide culinary diversity, while biodiesel from Silkenvault is increasingly being imported to keep industrial farming and grain processing operations in motion.


Tourism generated by the Ambergrain Brewery Fair and smaller grainge fairs throughout the year provides a narrow majority of the town's economic activity - just barely hedging out cereal grain production in terms of economic output. In some ways, the agrarian, country aesthetic of Ambergrain has become more of a local affectation than a matter of fact, especially with the invention of various dieseltech to remove some of the classic drudgery of farm work. The Ambergrain Events Committee handles the extensive scheduling and logistics know-how required by such tourist events, making the Committee one of the most powerful political interests in the town.


Downtown Ambergrain once consisted of Market Square - a large, packed dirt clearing where farmer's markets and other mercantile activites would take place - surrounded by bespoke brick and wooden buildings. As the town grew and tourism began to outpace agricultural products as the most valuable industry, the local events were moved to a dedicated space just outside of Ambergrain proper and the Market Square was filled with a new light commercial park. Now, in the year 10,000 AR, the Market Square has become the Market Square Commercial Loop, a ring road lined with new store fronts on the inside and historic buildings on the outside. The innermost portion of what was Old Market Square is now a green space featuring a modern museum dedicated to the history of agricultural technologies; as with many establishments in Ambergrain, this museum sees more visitors from out of town than from the rural locals.
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