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Windtavia is a mid-sized town located in the territory of the Free Faces League, on Medial C1 near the commissure to Medial H. The town is best known for it's neon skyline, debauched nightlife, and unique skywatching opportunities.


As with most places in the Free Faces League, the native-born population of Windtavia is nearly evenly split between ethnic Elovisian and New Voxelian ancestries. At any given moment, up to one-fifth of the population of Windtavia is actually comprised of tourists, seasonal workers, and CDF soldiers on shore leave.

Industry & Trade

Though, as many places in the League did, Windtavia began as a mining town, the local mines have since been overshadowed by the local tourism and service industries. Through a series of historical decisions relating to the desires of work-weary miners who settled in the region, Windtavia's once-stodgy government has gradually become socially liberalized until, as of 10,000 AR, the town's laws are remarkably permissive even by the liberty-minded League's standards. With strong personal property laws coupled by lax liquor and public decency laws, Windtavia attracts lots of business from casinos, breweries, and brothels.


The current tagline in advertisements for travel packages in Windtavia claim the town has "the revelry of Intercostia... with the safety of home!" Still, even though Windtavia is best known for its debauchery, it is also known for the beauty of its neon-bedecked skyline and, on cold winter nights, the glimmer of distant aurorae seen through the commissure which leads to the adjacent (Northern Tesseract associated) cube. Windtavia features one of the only inter-space telescopy in the Manifold Sky setting which is primarily used for pubic entertainment rather than purely scientific or military pursuits. This attraction draws skywatchers and the occasional Eyes of the Void pilgrim out when most revelers have retreated to the town's many inns and hotels for the evening.

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City of Sky-Gems
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