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Northern Tesseract

The Northern Tesseract is one of the ten tesseracts which make up the Manifold. This tesseract is considered to lie in the diametrically opposed region of the Manifold to the Southern Tesseract.   The Northern Tesseract is considered the magnetic north pole of the Manifold. The northern end of a compass sphere will always point towards the nearest cube layer belonging to the Northern Tesseract. In the Southern Tesseract, this means that the compass will always point towards the "sun" - the other layer of the current cube - since any other cube layer is closer to the Northern Tesseract than the current one. Conversely, in cube layers belonging to the Northern Tesseract, a compass sphere will always point towards the nearest cube face.   Due to the Northern Tesseract being at the convergence of magnetic field lines within the Manifold, the inflection layers adjoining this tesseract (especially in Northern H due to it's proximity to the Distal Tesseract) are often lit with vibrant auroras. This is believed to be caused by charged particles originating from whatever satellite in the Celestial Realms provides daylight to the cubes, though, since the Celestial Realms are as-of-yet unreachable, this remains the subject of speculation by scientists. This particle radiation increases rates of mutation and cancers among living creatures in the Northern Tesseract; skystations and other long-term habitats for humanoids sometimes incorporate shielding (typically in the form of electromagnetic pylons) to help mitigate this. The ambient radiation causes the Northern Tesseract to accumulate a somewhat negative charge in the winter and positive charge in the summer, as the types of particles drawn to the tesseract vary based on the orientation of the Manifold relative to the external 'sun.'


The cubes of the Northern Tesseract are connected to adjacent tesseracts through the following inflection layer transits:  
  • Northern A to Western H
  • Northern B to Rostral F
  • Northern C to Eastern H
  • Northern D to Caudal H
  • Northern E to Dorsal H
  • Northern F to Medial H
  • Northern G to Ventral H
  • Northern H to Distal F
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