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Seven Crows Fork

Seven Crows Fork is a Leather Jacket Nomads outpost tucked away in the forested canyon floors of Eastern G5. Located at the intersection of three routes along the Nomads' traditional trail system, the Seven Crows Fork trading post plays an important role in the beginning and end of life for Nomads plying their way between the arid Eastern cubes.


The Nomads generally don't put down strong roots in any particular place, treating the Eastern Tesseract as a whole as theirs to roam. Nevertheless, trading posts and small agricultural sites are sometimes required to keep the Nomads supplied, provide safe places for meetings between groups, and serve as resting places for those who can't ride on a temporary basis. The Seven Crows Fork trading post is no exception, being populated on a continual basis primarily by medics who wait there to tend to the elderly, pregnant, and infirm amongst the Nomads' number. As many as forty people may reside at the post on a transient basis to be cared for as well, but these are generally not included among the outpost's 'official' population count


The isolation, concealment, and perimeter fencing of the Seven Crows Fork trading post provide ample defense against most extenuating circumstance the facility might expect to face. Two suits of rickety MF-A2 "Kirie" Traversal Auto Armor modified for towing stand in state as decorations in the upstairs corridors of the inn, but they can be powered up at a moment's notice should the need arise.

Industry & Trade

Seven Crows Fork pays for its own upkeep by providing medical, repair, and lodging services to those who come bearing goods for donation or exchange. The post is primarily for commerce between several caravans, not caravans and outsiders; in general, non-Nomads are not welcome except as the vouched-for guests of caravan bosses.


The Seven Crows Fork settlement contains five permanent buildings: a residence for the on-site staff, two residences for inpatient treatment, a supply depot, and an inn/saloon. These buildings are made of adobe and tucked beneath tree cover to reduce their visibility to casual observers.   The intersection created by these buildings is wide and fenced in on all sides, creating a courtyard that also serves as a control point along the trail system. Gates at each trailhead allow visitiors to come and go as they please during the day, but visitors must be vetted by gate guards for nighttime passage. Up to 300 people and their travelling kit can pack into the courtyard at a time, but more can camp in the surrounding hillsides for easy access to the trading post's amenities.   Outhouses on the premises are linked to a fuel biosynthesis reactor beneath the depot, which also contains motorcycle parts, foodstuffs, water, and other necessities for travel amid the arid harshness of the Eastern environment. Passing groups of Nomads may donate any excess supplies that they might carry for the use of other groups or the local facilities as a token of goodwill - a tithe to the ancestor spirits of the road - or in exchange for lodging at the inn.


Eastern G is reknowned for its extensive badlands, canyons, and mesas produced from a combination of erosive circumvection and geothermal activity. Seven Crows Fork sits at the intersection of three trails that swoop down into a sparsely-forested, sandy area that sits at the bottom of a broad canyon. Walls of rock around a hundred feed tall protect the settlement on either side. Broad, drought-resistant trees grow at the bottom of this formation, providing cover from aerial observation for the buildings of the settlement. Freshwater springs in the nearby hills spill forth into shallow creeks which provide the settlement with fresh water.

Trade post
20 plus patients and visitors
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