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MF-A2 "Kirie" Traversal Auto Armor

MF-A2 Traversal Auto-Armor, also known as the "Kirie" among Rostrans or "Rigman" among non-Rostran observers, is a class of light, amphibious, all-terrain combat auto-armor designed for use in the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy's Marine Forces.   Kiries are often derided as 'dieseltech barrels' or 'fighting beerkegs' by foreign auto-armor afficionados. Indeed, parts of the the armor do vaguely resemble sections of an oversized beer keg when stowed for travel, complete with a circular shade that sits atop the operator's helmet like a pan hat. The extra volume provided by the body's cylindrical shape is not without purpose, however - this is where the power plant, extensible snorkel, and auxiliary air tanks are stowed at the rear, while the front contains the suit's unique winch system. Kiries can also be distinguished by the grapnel hooks mounted to the underside of their arms and edges of their boots, which find use in cargo loading and climbing roles in equal measure.   While the RACMF is better known for their "Ixulova Tun" Amphibious Assault Auto-Armor, these are fielded in small numbers due to their expense in terms of airship cargo tonnage and material expense. In contrast, the Kirie, evolved as it is from the inexpensive nautical utility skeletons often found in coastal and litoral contexts, is significantly more common.   The name "Kirie" translates roughly to "to ask (for something)" or "to call (upon)" in Iuxat, though in the context of Rostran Esotericism it reffers specifically to the act of asking the ancestral spirits for a boon - in case of Kirie operators, a boon in the form of sure-footedness. "Kirie" might also be construed to mean "one who questions," as the armor is often employed by scouts looking to use water or rough terrain as cover for their mission.

Power Generation

The Kirie's exhaust is better muffled than most contemporary auto-armors, allowing the suit to be used for stealthy operations. This comes at a cost, however, as the Kirie's powerplant is rendered relatively anemic by this restriction on its exhaust flow. The generator on a fully kitted-out Kirie provides only just enough power to keep the pneumatic actuators moving and little else for peripherals. The muffler can be removed and the fuel mixture richened to operate powered tools and weapons, such as a JH-AA "Lance" Heavy Jackhammer, but this compromises the suit's stealthiness.

Weapons & Armament

Kirie units are typically armed with the standard "Swordfish" 9mm grease gun, and reinforced fighting oars. Officers and certain special-purpose units are likely to carry the RTC "Thunder Caster" Area Denial Weapon as well; otherwise, Kirie operators travel light to maintain their impressive command of rough terrain.

Armor and defense

The Kirie falls into the light auto-armor class and is not heavily armored. Its utility derives from its all-terrain mobility and ability to carry crew-served weaponry, not its ability to stand and take direct fire.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The Kirie features a number of advancements relating to operating, often covertly, in littoral waters and in rough terrain.   The suit contains a winch in the chest with a collapsible grapnel, allowing the operator to scale walls up to 20' tall without issue or drag things around without occupying their hands. The arms and boots of the suit are adorned with backwards-raking hooks to give the operator a sure grip on rock faces - or, in naval contexts, cargo containers, chains, and cables. The Kirie also contains a pair of extensible rubber snorkels that are buoyant in water, allowing the operator to function when submerged up to five feet over their head in water. Deeper than this, the power plant cannot draw oxygen and stalls, but the operator can still move around slowly while breathing from a small cannister of reserve oxygen for an additional 15-20 minutes.


The CK-A2 "Cobalt Kirie" is a variant of the MF-A2 designed by and for the use of the New Cobalt Protectorate. Derived from surplus MF-A2 chassis, the Cobalt Kirie is somewhat slower but more heavily armored than its predecessor. In keeping with the conservative Knappist philosophy of the NCP, the Cobalt Kirie features hand-etched sacred Eudoxium elements on the helmet displays to remind the operator what they're fighting for. The surprising artistry and comfort of the suit's interior makes the rare captured Cobalt Kirie a collector's item on the auto-armor secondary market - akin to a limited edition of a car or baroque Experimental rather than something likely to be taken into the field again.

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