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KF "Knave" Fast Attack Auto-Armor

The KF-1 Fast Attack Auto-Armor, also known as the "Knave," is, as the name implies, the Grand Army of Voxelia's go-to suit of auto-armor for their signature fast attack operations. Lightly armored and armed to maximize speed, the Knave is ideal for shocking Coalition troops out of cover before disappearing just as quickly.


The KF-0 Knave prototype used digitigrade leg actuators to enhance its speed and agility, but most human pilots found this arrangement too difficult to manage over complex terrain; the Grand Army of Voxelia briefly debated hiring ovinex mercenaries for further testing, but decided that this would set an expensive precedent in opposition to the overall doctrine of unit mass production. Instead, the KF-1 achieves its fantastic foot speed through the implementation of auto-stilts tipped with spring leaves (similar in appearance to geckos' feet) to maximize grip without requiring user to retrain in the art and science of walking upright.

Weapons & Armament

Knave operators often only carry their own grease guns and elledjets into battle, as heavier weapons tend to get in the way when moving at speed. A few specialized units designed to flush enemy troops out of their garrisons employ monarchs and djets to increase their strike power, as the winding interiors of buildings eliminate some of the Knave's speed advantage.

Armor and defense

The Knave is lightly-armored, wearing little more than the auto-armor equivalent of neo-gambeson to mitigate damage. Operators are trained to use their speed to dash from cover to cover, using surprise and the terrain itself as a form of defense. Operators themselves wear more emcompassing helmets than most troops to reduce the risk of injury due to moving accidents; the Knave can sometimes outrun motorcycles.


A knave features a compass and a roll-chart system keyed to its speed gauge, both attached to the suit's truss frame near the operator's eye level. A suit used for scouting will also feature a deployable monocular to aid in this endeavor.

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