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BF-6 "Fortress" Mobile Stronghold Auto-Armor

The BF-6 Mobile Stronghold Auto-Armor, also known as the Fortress, is the premier heavy defensive auto-armor of the Coalition Defense Forces.

Power Generation

The Fortress features dual dieseltech power plants with external jumper lines to provide AC power to allies' equipment (i.e. drone control packs).


The Fortress is too large for an operator to directly control the movement of each limb, requiring the implementation of an extended series of actuators and linkages in a similar manner to those of the "Ixulova Tun" Amphibious Assault Auto-Armor from the Rostran Archipelago Confederacy. Unlike the Ixulova Tun, however, the Fortress is designed to move in a semi-quadrupedal fashion rather than relying on a large gyroscope to maintain balance. The Fortress' arm trusses are extended to allow the operator to move under load by walking on the suit's 'knuckles' in a similar manner to the mode of movement employed by large primates. Even when practiced in this mode of walking, operators often find the Fortress sluggish.

Weapons & Armament

The pilot of the Fortress has access to a forward-mounted 27mm auto cannon. This gun only has a limited degree of traversal, as it is mounted to the chest of the auto-armor and keyed to the operator's head movements inside the suit's cranium; on the other hand, this gun can be pushed through a mantlet between the center two barricade leaves (see Additional & Auxiliary Systems) to take on oncoming infantry. The copilot sits in a swivelling emplacement on the Fortress' back with a similar armament, allowing both weapons to draw from interchangeable magazines stowed around the suit's thighs and waist.

Armor and defense

In addition to the barricade leaves (see Additional & Auxiliary Systems), the Fortress features unusually sturdy armor. Fortress bastion defenses can often soak hits from light tanks, with deployed barricade leaves offering even more ballistic protection in addition to mobile cover.


Because the Fortress is more clumsy than most other models of auto-armor, the pilot has access to a set of gimballs and limb load gauges which help to keep everything balanced in uneven terrain. Deployable periscopes allow the pilot and copilot to see over their own defenses without exiting cover.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The Fortress 'wears' a 'cape' comprised of four armored leaf pannels on articulated mechanical arms. With a gesture, the operator can cause these leaves to assemble into a mobile barricade in front of them. Allies can then use the barricade as hard cover, and the Fortress operator can move or change the contours of the barricade (i.e. curving them to ablate small arms fire) as the situation warrants.. Hand and foot niches on the outermost leaves allow troops to scale them when deployed, providing both height and armor advantages to allies. The operator may opt to detatch the leaves in an assembled state in order to facilitate a retreat or as part of combat engineering actions. Leaves are replaceable if damaged or removed.   The knuckles, elbows, knees, and feet of the Fotress feature pneumatic anchoring pins which can be deployed into surfaces, allowing the auto-armor to firmly resist attempts to force it out of position. Coalition pilots from Craterhold are particularly liable to employ these in combat, as these stubborn, zealous folk are the most willing to fight to the death to halt the advance of Voxelian forces.
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