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P1-d "Dokidiu" Covert Operations Pneumo-Armor

The New Cobalt Protectorate's P1-d Covert Operations Pneumo-Armor - also designated the Dokidiu ("dark dream" in Iuxat, a portmanteau of "doki" for dream and "idiu" for "dark") - is a unique class of powered armor that doesn't quite meet the traditional definition of auto-armor. Animated by some of the fantastic and alien technological secrets pried from the fading memories of the Cobalt Legacy, the Dokidiu represents the cutting edge of auto-armor technology in more ways than one. The Dokidiu is a feared tool of the stalker, sapper, and sniper, being capable of operating in absolute silence despite its bulk.

Power Generation

In truth, the Dokidiu isn't a dieseltech device like other suits of auto-armor are. Electrical power on early models was supplied by a simple lead-acid battery mounted at the hip, but the most advanced versions make use of atomic batteries.


Rather than its pneumatic actuators being operated by pressure from a diesel-powered air compressor, the Dokidiu gets its air pressure from a combination of a large pre-charged oxygen tank and fuel pellets comprised of sodium chlorate and iron filings. As the pellets burn, they produce a surplus of oxygen that both serves to supplement the tank pressure and to keep the operator supplied with breathable air during amphibious actions.   While this operating principle makes the Dokidiu significantly weaker than its peers in terms of brute physical strength, it supports the Dokidiu's expected mission profile. Without a dieseltech power plant, the Dokidiu is eerily silent in operation, with only the occasional tick of valves or puff of gas to indicate that a suit is moving about. A Dokidiu operator can climb out of a body of water under the cover of darkness, eliminate a series of targets with a supressed grease gun, then slip away beneath the waves, leaving only death and rumors in its wake as evidence of its presence.

Weapons & Armament

Dokidiu operators typically carry supressed grease guns, though the GF-1 "Tarantula" Assault Needler is an increasingly popular choice for its silence and ability to spread tranquilizers or lethal venom across several targets in a single sweep. For melee combat, operators carry hollow, syringe-like daggers connected to their suit's air supply; when plunged into opponents, these daggers release an burst of air pressure, causing catastrophic air embuil in addition to penetrating wounds that are difficult to close.

Armor and defense

Dokidiu are optimized for stealth and mobility, not armor. While a Dokidiu's outer plating is capable of resisting small arms fire for a time, operators are encouraged to get out of sight as fast as possible rather than sticking around to soak up damage. Frontline combat is best reserved for the New Cobalt Knights' variant CK-A2 "Cobalt Kirie" Traversal Auto Armor.   Dokidiu modular armor plates are made from sacred Eudoxium or an equivalent lightweight material if at all possible. The armor plating of a Dokidiu is painted and textured to emulate their expected operating environment if at all possible, with earthtones and streamers resembling aquatic plants (i.e. kelp) being common.

Communication Tools & Systems

The Dokidiu's helmet contains a radio and voice amplification system, a product of NCP research into the miniaturized thermionic amplifiers still in the experimental phase with the other advanced factions of the Manifold Sky.


The Dokidiu features an infrared illuminator and scope similar to that found on the DEL-1 "Concertina" Support Auto-Armor, albeit smaller and with better resolution than the comparable product from the Commonwealth of C.   Dokidiu fitted with drone controllers are rare among the already rare class, with purchased or 'borrowed' Concertinas typically employed as support drone operators alongside Dokidiu if required for a given mission.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Dokidiu typically mount rebreather systems and small secondary gas tanks to supplement the breathing mix of the operators at different altitudes or depths. A Dokidiu can be made airtight, allowing it to work both underwater and in the tenuous atmosphere of inflection layers. For inflection layer service, Dokidiu pilots prefer to pre-breathe low-pressure oxygen to extend the gas available for their limb actuators.   Both because of the advanced technological secrets they hide and because of their purpose as covert ops vehicles, the NCP deems it unacceptable that any Dokidiu should fall into the hands of their enemies. Should a Dokidiu operator fall in battle or manually trigger the failsafe, the Dokidiu can self-destruct by injecting a bolus of highly explosive liquid into the spaces between its chlorate pellets, generating an explosion that will pulverize the pilot and the sensitive thermionic equipment located nearby. Operators are also encouraged to rupture their atomic batteries in the event of eminent capture or mortal injury, creating a risk of radiation poisoning in anyone attempting to examine the suit in detail.

Owning Organization
Military Formation Usage
Dokidiu are rare, as their very existence is something of a secret to all but those involved in the New Cobalt Knights.
Complement / Crew
1 operator

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