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The Cobalt Legacy

The Cobalt Legacy is the name given to a set of mysterious artifacts discovered by Irido Sandoxus and his crew in 9875 AR. In short, the artifacts are themselves fragments of some sort of advanced electronic device which predates The Curved Time and which, while now dormant, spoke to Sandoxus to tell him of the true pre-history of the Rostran peoples - thus instigating the formation of the New Cobalt Protectorate.   The Cobalt Legacy now sits in a fortified shelter in a monument square at the center of New Evermorn, where it is kept safe by a group of elite New Cobalt Knights. Foreign visitors are not allowed within 300 feet of the Legacy, but native Cobalt Rostrans who happen to be in the area often visit the artifacts to reconnect with their roots.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Cobalt Legacy is a series of bevel-edged geometric objects roughly the volume of a person curled in a fetal position, with some taking the form of cubes and others of rhombic dodecahedrons. All the objects feature panels of very dark blue-grey glass or crystal which have become hazy with dust over the millenia. One box is taller than the others and takes the form of a flat-topped obelisk; ; when the Legacy was still active, images of Rostrans in what appeared to be inflection layer pressure suits and auto-armor purportedly swirled within this obelisk when the machine gave emphasis to a topic.   The actual means by which these objects did what they did remains unknown. There are no signs that the objects contain any living matter or any mechanical computer components, making the means by which they were capable of interacting with the explorers even more mysterious. When one cube module was opened for study by NCP scientists in 9930 AR, it was found to contain numerous stacked panels comprised of light blue crystal-like material and etched with almost invisibly small mazes of black tracery. A faint radioactive source was also detected by scintillator wands lowererd into the cube, but it was too diffuse to find the exact point of origin; no such radiation was found outside of the cube.


The Cobalt Legacy was foundational to the New Cobalt Protectorate and, by extension, the Cobalt Rostran culture. Irido Sandoxus, the spiritual founder of the nation, discovered the Legacy in what appeared to be a ruined village in the windy mountains of Ventral B, apparently still functional despite the passage of time. The machine reportedly 'spoke' to Sandoxus and his trusted companions for nearly half an hour - laying out to them the mysteries of the old Cobalt Protectorate, what it stood for, and what had become of them within the Manifold - before going silent forever. To this day, Cobalt Rostrans hold this event in the same reverence as some would hold direct revelation from the spirits themselves.

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Electronic / Cybernetic
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The Cobalt Legacy is unique in several respects, including the fact that it represents technology far beyond the capability of any modern residents of the Manifold Sky to reproduce.

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