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Eastern Tesseract

The Eastern Tesseract is one of the ten tesseracts which make up the Manifold. Cubes falling within this tesseract are notable for their dry climates. This tesseract is considered to lie in the diametrically opposed region of the Manifold to the Western Tesseract.


The cubes of the Eastern Tesseract are connected to adjacent tesseracts through the following inflection layer transits:  
  • East A to Medial C
  • East B to Rostral A
  • East C to Distal A
  • East D to Caudal C
  • East E to Dorsal C
  • East F to South C
  • East G to Ventral C
  • East H to North C

Fauna & Flora

Because the Eastern Tesseract is quite dry, most plant life consists of drought-resistant succulents, weeds, and the occasional lichen. Lizards, small mammals, and predatory birds make up the majority of animal life, with many species being nocturnal so as to use the cooler evening air to save water which would normally be lost to evaporation in the dry sunlight.
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