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Ventral A Volcanic Event Remnant

The Ventral A Volcanic Event Remnant is a terrain feature that spans multiple cube layers, principally Ventral A, Western G, and, to a certain extent, even cubes adjacent to these.


At some point before recorded history, the subterranean magma fields of Ventral A cube began to develop intense steam pressure, as the surface of that cube layer was then a series of hardened volcanic islands surrounded by large volumes of standing water which could seep into underwater geothermal seams. Eventually, the rocky crust could no longer contain the pressure, and the entire cube layer surface exploded in what would later become known as the Ventral A Volcanic Event. The titanic pressure wave generated by the event turned Ventral A into a jumbled mess of sharp, obsidian mountain ranges, evacuated all the water from Western G cube, and pounded the former seafloor of the latter cube layer into a spherical shape. The event even contributed to the roughness of the terrain in cubes adjacent to Ventral A and Western G. To this day, shards of volcanic glass and rock can be found in all adjacent cubes, and the water evacuated from Western G has only partially returned, leaving each face of that cube as a crater lake streaked with deep cracks and canyons.

Fauna & Flora

Fossil records indicate that, in the immediate aftermath of the Ventral A supervolcano eruption, all faces strongly associated with the Ventral and Western Tesseracts suffered mass extinction events, with further evidence of vegetation failing to grow for years thereafter in every tesseract other than the Dorsal Tesseract. Eventually, plant life did recover, and the sudden infusion of soil minerals from Ventral ejecta providing ample fertilization for survivng species. The dinosaurs which had once been endemic to the Manifold, however, never recovered, with most species going extinct before the arrival of humans in the Manifold.

Natural Resources

As a result of the cataclysm that befell the cube layer, Ventral A cube now represents a rich, untapped reserve of minerals like sulfur, phosphorus, iron, and various other heavy metals readily available to surface mining efforts.
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