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Brightember Peak

Brightember peak is an active volcano located in the Ventral G3/4/5 vertex mountain range. The unique atmospheric conditions in the region - owing in large part to the influence of the Distal Tesseract via the inflection layer above - cause the lava and subsequent obsidian deposits to gleam with a unique brightness.


Unlike the comparatively close Ventral A Volcanic Event Remnant, Brightember Peak has no history of, nor indication of future possibility of, exploding. Instead, the magma that accumulates beneath the surface gradually works its way up through fissures in the caldera, creating cycles of flow and retreat along the mountainsides. The Distal-influenced ambient light causes the native igneous stone to gleam brightly due to the presence of flourescent trace elements. Periods of heavy flow at night may be accompanied with particularly bright sparks as a result of this interaction, inspiring the name of the volcano.

Ecosystem Cycles

Copses of pine trees and Distal evergreens grow along the sides of the mountain, their growth constrained not only by the high tree line but also the tendency of the volcano to spark forest fires from time to time. Far from hurting the tree population, however, the firest caused by this process are actually considered beneficial for the local variants. Not only does the passage of magma help deposit important minerals in the surrounding countryside while also burning old growth, creating nutrient-rich soil, but local evergreens are adapted such that their cones open and germinate best when exposed to the heat of a fire. It also helps that Brightember Peak, like many vertex mountains in the Ventral Tesseract, is of such high altitude that it recieves significant snow pack during the winter months even despite the temperate climate of the surrounding countryside. This provides the region with ample irrigation from snowmelt.


Members of the Burning Hearts Social Club with a penchant for geological specimens (perhaps as a part of a Seeker's Pack) or scenic vistas visit Brightember Peak from time to time on their paths to the title of Seeker of Misfortune.   One lesser-known set of frequent visitors to the area is the New Cobalt Protectorate, who use the volcano as a clandestine meeting place. Vigorous eruptions serve to both distract onlookers from clandestined meetings in the surrounding mountains and, when such meetings are done, placing documents in the path of lava flows or forest fires destroys them and dissuades recovery efforts by organizations like the Bards-Recursant. The New Cobalt Protectorate is also aware of small deposits of uranium and thorium in the area which, while useless to other great powers without access to The Cobalt Legacy, can be used by Protectorate technicians to create atomic batteries for applications such as the P1-d "Dokidiu" Covert Operations Pneumo-Armor.

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