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Fort Haycross

Fort Haycross is a fortified Sorority of Solace hospital, resupply depot, and training facility on Ventral E3. It is the terrestrial counterpart to the SoS High Comfort in the inflection layer above leading into Medial G.

Purpose / Function

Fort Haycross places it nearly equidistant from all major factions under Manifold Sky - or, at least, between all factions involved in the ongoing War of Reunification. The facility is thus ideally positioned to spread the Sorority's umbrella of healing services to anywhere that might concievably need it.


The perimeter walls of Fort Haycross are comprised of cement-encased stone bricks and are arranged in a five-pointed star formation. Like with other fortified locations intended to be accessed primarily by dieseltech airship - such as Godshead Rock - Fort Haycross is built atop a high, rocky prominence with any natural accessways cleared away in favor of a single drawbridge.   This forboding architecture is designed to dissuade encounters both with local wildlife and with outside forces (such as Bards-Recursant) who might mistake the feminine, non-partisan nature of the organization for a sign of weakness to be exploited. In truth, the Sorority of Solace maintains tight security at the facility through a combination of heavy anti-air defenses, thick walls, sympathetic paramilitary auxiliaries (i.e. Burning Hearts Social Club 'hunters' in the region), and even the occasional hired mercenary crew. As always, the Sorority greatly prefers to dissuade threats through non-lethal means, but they also recognize that sometimes force is the only option.


In general, prospective patients do not come to Fort Haycross directly. Instead, injured people and those requiring more extensive care than local facilities can provide are evacuated to Fort Haycross via small airships, such as repurposed N3 "Honeyguide" Air Cogs. Alternatively, patients may arrive in the environs of the Fort to be brought in through trucks or HC-1 "Meantwig" Hazardous Condition Auto-Armor modified for medevac service.

Parent Location
Owning Organization

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