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Sorority of Solace

The Sorority of Solace (SoS) is an all-female, non-partisan charity dedicated to public service, disaster relief, and medical care throughout the Manifold.


The organization features youth scouting and educational outreach programs, collectively known as the Solace Scouts programs, the graduates of which are offered full membership within the Sorority upon coming of age. Nevertheless, most members of the Sorority join the organization as adults. As a transnational organization, the Sorority of Solace divides itself into chapters dedicated to individual cube layers within the Manifold, though chapters whose cubes are divided up among several nations are also split to reflect this political division. Each chapter is headed by a council of the most senior members of the chapter, who make policy decisions on behalf of the chapter and act as incident command staff when the chapter is mobilized for disaster relief efforts. The rank hierarchy within each chapter is relatively flat, with only three grades based on seniority and (sometimes) notable achievements.

Public Agenda

The Sorority of Solace seeks to provide aid and comfort to the impoverished and to victims of violence or natural disasters. Sisters in the organization take vows to act with non-violence and equanimity towards others, regardless of national affiliation, when acting as agents for the Sorority. The Sorority is also ready to serve as neutral arbiters in diplomatic disputes between factions. The Solace Scouts, as an arm of the Sorority of Solace, serve to raise girls into strong, self-sufficient women who will make their respective societies better and more peaceable places to live.


May Chamberlain is a former family medical practitioner who grew up in the Manifold Conservation Society. May became increasingly uncomfortable with the currents of fatalism, self-importance, and creeping authoritarianism which she perceived as underlying the Conservatorship's philosophy. In her mind, preserving the Manifold against the apocalypse started with preventing such an apocalypse from coming to pass, not merely by locking people and resources into bunkers as though it were an inevitability. She reasoned that achieving an end to the War of Reunification would require an active outreach program that would promote peace through a cause that transcended political boundaries. To this end, May chose to make her planned Sorority of Solace service organization exclusive to females, as she believed that identification with one's sex and a universal cause would serve to undermine her organization's members' political identification with any particular belligerent faction.   Finding little in the way of support from the MCS's Outreach Administrator, May made the difficult decision to leave the Conservatorship in pursuit of her goals. She and the early members of the Sorority escaped from the MCS aboard Dr. Calvin Slaus-Braun's airship in early 9961 and, through Calvin's connections with the Voxelian Academy of Sciences, began to draw new members and donors. The organization has been expanding ever since.

In Mercy and Preservation

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