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Seeker of Misfortune

A Seeker of Misfortune is a person who, for whatever reason, has traveled to every Tesseract within the Manifold Sky. The 'Misfortune' part of the title refers to Lyvianne, Goddess of Misfortune; while titles associated with exploration would normally be related to Cosmeon, Goddess of Cosmic Irony, Lyvianne - as the matron of storytellers - blesses those who aquire many tales of adventure through extensive travels.


A prospective Seeker of Misfortune must visit the low airspace or surface of at least one cube layer in every tesseract in the Manifold. Only visiting inflection layer or only visiting cubes 'weakly' associated with a tesseract (i.e. visiting Medial B and thereby claiming to have visited the Rostral Tesseract) do not count for this purpose. Strong evidence of this event, whether by documentation, photographs, or trustworthy eyewitness acounts, is key to any claim to the title of Seeker.


Claims of becoming a Seeker are often certified by Navigator's Guild officials, who use their ability to investigate through Guild contract cards for this purpose as a marketing opportunity. Members of the various military airship corps rely on service records to certify Seeker claims. The Burning Hearts Social Club and the Sorority of Solace also account for their members' travels (albeit for differing reasons) and may offer certification to qualifying members.


Seekers of Misfortune are near-universally respected for their worldliness and, if private citizens, for their resources and social connections. Being a Seeker looks great in a memoir, resume, service record, or curriculum vitae.
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