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Warrenside Forest

Warrenside forest is a cool, deciduous forest located 4 Ventral D4 along the wide face of the 3/4/6 vertex mountain range. Little-industrialized as a result of its comparative distance from all major powers, Warrenside is better known for its appeal to tourists, hunters, and those looking to escape from civilization in one way or another.


All regions associated with the Ventral Tesseract exhibit geological activity, and Warrenside Forest is no exeception. Tectonic activity, driven by geological circumvection, has sculpted the region into a series of high mountain ranges that extend limbs almost all the way to the commissure leading to the adjacent Rhombic Obliques in Ventral C. Ancient impacts from bolides flung up by some ancient volcanic event - of which Maximilian's Bolide, in the inflection layer above, was also a product - created numerous small crater ponds scattered throughout the range. These craters filled with snowmelt over time, the overspill forming the headwaters of the numerous brooks and creeks that irrigate Warrenside Forest.


Cool, but not completely without summers, Warrenside Forest is comprised of large deciduous trees in lower elevations that give way to connifers in the upper elevations. The forest is bare above the treeline on the nearby vertex mountain save for some shrubbery, most grass having been worn away by the passage of the occasional avalanche. Rabbits, squirrels, foxes, ravens, bears, deer, and mountain lions may all be found in the forest; the larger predators must increasingly be shooed away from human and verdial encampments as these proliferate in the region (see Tourism).

Natural Resources

In any other cube, Warrenside forest would quickly become overexploited for its ample timber, game meat, and fresh water. The fact that no nation of any size can reach it except via airship ensures that the rate of harvesting for each resource is limited, allowing the forest to recover between seasons. Numerous traps and lookout posts concealed by the Rangers in the thickest reaches of the woods further dissuade foreign military adventurism or heavy industrial operations, leaving the nature there pristeen in preparation for tourism.


Warrenside Forest plays host to a motley, transient assortment of freelanders, Burnhearts, campers, hunters, and the occasional fugitive from justice. The woodland environment, far from all the major factions of the Manifold, is a perfect place to unwind and escape the cares of the modern world for awhile.   Numerous small settlements - each no larger than a handful of log cabins - lie scattered throughout the forest, especially around the shores of the ponds. These sites are connected by rugged footpaths, often precluding the passage of vehicles other auto-armor due to their ruggedness and the close press of greenery. Warrenside Forest is not controlled by any state which could enforce property claims or provide municipal services like power, water, or waste management. The Warrenside Rangers, a private military contractor headquartered and residing within the forest, have taken these responsibilities upon themselves because renting cabins to foreign tourists is a safe and somewhat reliable way to earn money between contracts. Aside from booking stays in person, however, visitors can expect to arrive at their camp site, enjoy some privacy, drink in the beauty of nature, and depart without ever laying eyes on a Ranger - or, for that matter, any other sentient creature if so desired.

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