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Warrenside Rangers

The Warrenside Rangers are a small, but growing in prominence, band of private military contractors headquartered in the Warrenside Forest of Ventral D.

Public Agenda

As a mercenary crew, the Warrenside Rangers are best known for their smash-and-grab, hazardous-condition salvage reclamation (HCSR), overwatch, reconnaisance, and VIP recovery services. Their unique choice of auto-armor and the sustenance benefits of their caudal lichen symbiotes give them exceptional operational endurance. The Warrenside Rangers advertise themselves on their ability to find things and bring them back, even at great risk.   The Warrenside Rangers are somewhat unique among modern PMCs in the Manifold - save perhaps Parasol Private Holdings - in that they observe a defined code of virtue ethics. This code requires the Rangers to aid the impoverished and less fortunate they might encounter in their travels without regard to the terms of local laws. Contract costs are reduced, or even waived, if a cause is 'good' in the sense that it helps the common man, while more wealthy prospective employers must pay commensurately higher costs. For example, contracts relating to the Sorority of Solace or Knights of Lyvianne operations in warzones are done at steep discounts. Meanwhile, the Rangers' acitivities with regards to entities like the Verdant Order sometimes stray into what some might consider banditry; Order assets, including money, fuel, and munitions, left unattended where the Rangers operate might be 'borrowed' to accomplish a greater goal. The Warrenside Rangers are experts as subterfuge, however, so these less-than-legal activities often go unnoticed until long after an operation is complete.


The Warrenside Rangers have both infantry and auto-armor elements. The Rangers' CB-1c "Brushaxe" Auto-Armor Destroyers are more commonly used for business in the Caudal and Ventral Tesseracts, where their natural camouflage, high operational endurance, and insulation against the cold provide a unique advantage over more mainstream auto-armor models.   The Warrenside Forest is strewn with a number of camping areas, and, since it lies far from the reach of other major powers, the Rangers are the self-appointed landlords. This grants the Rangers a secondary source of income between contracts while also giving them a place to hide, lodge, and train their forces. The occasional fugitive from justice that attempts to escape into the forest also provides opportunities for stealth training and, once captured, bounty rewards for the Rangers. These later operations are kept somewhat on the hush to ensure that future abconders continue to underestimate the risks they face in the forest.

Demography and Population

Almost all Warrenside Rangers are Vale or Blackthorn Verdials, though a few voluntarist verdial veterans of human extraction are counted among their number. The Rangers are almost entirely male, and this plays into the reputation of whimsical, almost foolhardy bravado they tend to cultivate for themselves. Many Rangers are also members of the Burning Hearts Social Club, and the group has been called upon more than once to retrieve Burnhearts who had gotten themselves in over their head.

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Mutual Respect

The Warrenside Rangers will come to the aid of the Burning Hearts Social Club if required, but combat assistance still commands a price (albeit discounted).

Discounted Rates

Discounted Rates

Business Relationship

Business Relationship

Conflict of Principles

HCSR Industry Competition

Mutual Antagonism

The Warrenside Rangers like to give charitable donations to the poor and dispossessed; if they happen to do so with funds looted from the Hands of the Order, then all the better. If the Verdant Order wants to hire the Warrenside Rangers, then doing so comes at an increased rate and with the understanding that the Rangers have ethical bounds the Hands lack.

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